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Tap Dancin' Fool

Ahoy! Scoring ahead!

You've got those long and gangly limbs that your family always said was attractive but sniggered behind your back about. You probably listen to a lot of sad music and cut yourself.

This is why you dance.

Look For: The Alpha and Omega
Avoid: The Old School Gangster

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Squids Distribution

    They scored 35% on Squids, higher than 43% of your peers.

  • Cannibals Distribution

    They scored 43% on Cannibals, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • Shoes Distribution

    They scored 60% on Shoes, higher than 99% of your peers.

  • Mobsters Distribution

    They scored 33% on Mobsters, higher than 37% of your peers.

All possible test results

Dim Bulb

It's like you're not even trying. What are you doing with your life? You can't even make up your mind about what socks to wear without help, can you? I can't believe you even decided to take ... Read more

Old School Gangster

You're a gangster with the "r". You probably regularly hit up your mother for "protection" money. Not to mention this month's rent. Can't hold down a job that doesn't involve extortion? Did y... Read more

Shoe Whore

Is your closet brimming with your ill-gotten gains? And by gains I mean shoes. And by ill-gotten I mean purchased. And by hair I mean face. And by cut I mean burn. Did I ment... Read more

Saddle Shoe

You're white... but with a little bit of black. Go you! This is the best kind of shoe. Unfortunately, you're a dirty little whore also. You're smudging the pride of shoes everywhere with... Read more

Purple People Eater

Hungry? Well next time grab a fucking Snickers. Eating people is wrong. WRONG. Think before you act. You most likely havn't moved out of your parent's basement yet. And you're thirty... Read more

Fucked Up Bastard

You're one smug guy, ey? You kill 'em then you eat them. No need for evidence. What can I say to someone who obviously has so little regard for other human beings? Will it even matter?... Read more


Please allow me to stress the "moron" in this category. I'm surprised you can tie the shoes that you obviously have no use for. The fact that between your spending sprees and your feeding frenzies you... Read more

Hiking Boot

You like the great outdoors. You like to walk. You also like to kill people with tommy guns, eat them, and drop their skeletal remains in a pit of acid. Good that all your ... Read more

Tentacle Monster

How many kinky, contrived, trite Anime porns have you been a part of? We all know you. Even if we'd rather not. You're everywhere. Just when we think we've gotten away, there you are with ano... Read more

Deep-Sea Diver

You learned early on that the currents of the river caused your victims to float to the surface too quickly. But you're a smart one, Mr. Grinch. You quickly switched your cement-shoe brigade to the g... Read more

Closet Case

I get it, you have lots of feet... you need lots of shoes. You probably havn't admitted this little proclivity to your parents yet though, have you? That's right, you're queer. Not that there... Read more

Rainbow Rider

You combine some of the negative effects of a number of the categories. Some may call you "eccentric" but I call you "totally fucked in the head". Maybe you have downs syndrome? Stockholm syn... Read more

Man Eating Walrus

You scored the motherfucking Man Eating Walrus. I'm proud of you, (wo)man. Something tells me you're special. In a bad way. In a "my mother tells me I'm special" sort of way. We like... Read more


You eat people... under water? With style? I don't even know what to say. Let it be said however, that you've always preferred the company of animals to the company of people. Maybe a little ... Read more

Tap Dancin' Fool

You've got those long and gangly limbs that your family always said was attractive but sniggered behind your back about. You probably listen to a lot of sad music and cut yourself. This is wh... Read more

Alpha and Omega

In a test that measures what's wrong with you, you scored the proverbial 100%. There's nothing that's not wrong with you. You're just a box of tricks with the wheels pulled off lit on fire.... Read more

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