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Their result for The "Are you a Cliche?" Test ...

Mr. Average

You scored 75 Banality, 130 Stereotype, 25 Triteness, and 65 Vapidity!

You aren't boring, you have worked to develop some character and you pride yourself on your creativity. Unfortunately you are the typical stereotype- you are the ultimate cliche, my friend. Well actually we wouldn't be friends, but that's besides the point. Time to accept the fact that by "fighting" cliches you have finally become one. I hate to break it to you but you are the most average average can be.(and truthfully I don't really hate breaking it to you either)

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Banality Distribution

    They scored 75% on Banality, higher than 50% of your peers.

  • Stereotype Distribution

    They scored 130% on Stereotype, higher than 95% of your peers.

  • Triteness Distribution

    They scored 25% on Triteness, higher than 5% of your peers.

  • Vapidity Distribution

    They scored 65% on Vapidity, higher than 72% of your peers.

All possible test results

Stepford Cheerleader

You lack a sense of identity, unique character and creativity. Even your humor level is questionable. Wow- do you have a pulse? Or are you so afraid you'll offend someone you don't bother with a perso... Read more

Cloned Clone

You lack true creativity. You are not boring, you are not trying to prove anything and you do have some developed sense of character. But who wants to hang out with someone with no self-reflection bey... Read more

Fluffy and Huggable

Well no one would call you boring- after all reading is for nerds right? While you have a sense of identity and some creativity, you severely lack a unique developed character. Perhaps you are just a ... Read more

Out of Touch

You are not a nerd and you aren't trying to prove anything to anyone else. But you have managed to become someone with no true uniqueness or creativity. People probably find you abrasive or an airhead... Read more

Mr. Average

You aren't boring, you have worked to develop some character and you pride yourself on your creativity. Unfortunately you are the typical stereotype- you are the ultimate cliche, my friend. Well actu... Read more

Evil Puppet

Definitely not a nerd -and airhead either- you have managed to become abrasive and a little psychotic. You not only fight every trend and stereotype you make sure everyone knows about it. You are tryi... Read more

On the Psycho Path

Well you are a cute little button aren't you? Yikes! Either the world sees a happy face but underneath it all you are plotting their early demise OR you just spout off stuff you hear other people say ... Read more

Air Red Head

You question authority, agressively and you don't always really know what you are talking about. Great- pick up a book and learn something about the politics you are raging against. When you end up in... Read more

The Bore

A little humdrum, huh? Your dry humor and low key status may have earned you the geek or dork title. Truth is you are a workaholic and have no social life. Tear off those glasses, put down the nonfict... Read more

The Boar

Not to be confused with the "Bore" you are boring AND pushy. Might as well just plaster the neo-nazi armband to your forehead. No one dies from going to the museum or kissing a puppy- geesh. You shoul... Read more

Milk Toast

While you are not obnoxious or overbearing- what is the fun in being such a goody-two-shoes? And I didn't want to have to use the word cracker- but since you made me... Mix it up, quit your dead end ... Read more

Obnoxious Joe

You are probably overeducated with no sense of real character and you lack creativity. All you have going for you is a strong sense of identity. Did you even try? Listen, it's time for a reality check... Read more

Knowin It Tall

You are smart enough to fight the sytem and you actually do- you tree hugging republican you! Only problem is you have forgot how to be normal or crazy just for fun. Relax is not a four-letter word fo... Read more

Ego Man Zac

You lack genuine humility and innocence while achieving high levels of brazen creativeness, intelligence and a fighting spirit. People wish you could at least be bad at something, anything, because wh... Read more

The Doubting Tom

Nerdy (in a good way) yet you question authority and manage to maintain some semblance of humility. You lack genuine creativity though and second-guess yourself. Perhaps those moments of brilliance ar... Read more

The Savior- Bless Yo

To be completely honest, I don't know if it's even possible to attain this score and privilege. But you have managed to do it- you beat all the cliches. You are well balanced enough to have a strong i... Read more

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