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Upstanding citizen

You scored 63% Do Gooder, 52% Drive, and 57% Intellect!

You are a lovely person and probably one of the best human beings out there. You care about people, but you also care about yourself. You are intelligent, but not over-the-top. You are resourceful and take pride in helping others, but you're not an annoying 'goody two shoes.' I admire your ability to get out there and do something with your life. You probably think that it's better to do something yourself than to ask someone else and I'm apt to agree. This is one of the best categories you can get so be proud.

All human being categories are: Lazy SOB, Rebel w/out a Cause, Evil Mastermind, Henchman, Criminal, Dictator, Frat Boy, Socialite, Philosopher, Stunt Double, Upstanding Citizen, Teacher, Cheerleader, Sister Mary DoGood, Benefactor, Loyal Sidekick, Candy Striper, Goody Two-Shoes.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Do Gooder Distribution

    They scored 63% on Do Gooder, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • Drive Distribution

    They scored 52% on Drive, higher than 35% of your peers.

  • Intellect Distribution

    They scored 57% on Intellect, higher than 26% of your peers.

All possible test results

Lazy SOB

Hey, I'm not trying to be mean, but you are just not a very... 'productive' person, nor are you sensitive, thoughtful, or overly intelligent. You just are. You're kind of floating through life, waitin... Read more

Rebel w/out a Cause

You are definitely NOT a do-gooder. You'd rather have fun and get into some trouble....it keeps things interesting for you. You've got some smarts, but you don't use them for the betterment of yoursel... Read more

Evil Mastermind

The scary thing about you is your intelligence, because lots of people are cold-hearted or go out and do bad things, but you're the mastermind at the heart of it all. You don't prefer to do things you... Read more


You're not too bright, but you have the drive to get things done. You are the go-to person, but I wouldn't expect your deeds to be good. You'd rather make mischief, play pranks, and see what you can g... Read more


You have the drive to get things done, and the intellect to do them with some resourcefulness, but you couldn't care less about others which makes you a bit of a criminal. Well, maybe more than a 'bit... Read more


You are a highly intelligent, calculating person with a drive to get things done, but you don't think of others in the process. This makes you an evil dictator. You want to reap all the benefits of ev... Read more

Frat boy

Beer. Sex. Parties. Sports. Sleeping. More beer. More sex. Ah, this is the life, eh? You don't need too much to be happy. You just want to kick back and have a good time. That is why you, my friend, a... Read more


You like to flit from flower to flower. That's right, I said 'flit.' You are a nice person with a kind heart, even if it does take you a little while to fully trust someone. When you do though, you li... Read more


"To be or not to be?" You've probably pondered that before, as well as a million other things. You are well-read and intelligent. You can solve math problems or correct grammatical errors. You're also... Read more

Stunt Double

What drive! What helpfulness! You are a stunt double and you like to get out there and do stuff! But remember to look before you leap! You may lack the average or above-average amount of common sense ... Read more

Upstanding citizen

You are a lovely person and probably one of the best human beings out there. You care about people, but you also care about yourself. You are intelligent, but not over-the-top. You are resourceful and... Read more


You are a smarty-pants and eager to share your knowledge with others, while still open to absorbing everything in your environment. That is why you are a teacher (and at the same time, a perpetual stu... Read more


You like to help people and cheer them on. And you're good at motivating others and making them feel good about themselves. You trust strangers and enjoy giving people directions and advice. But you a... Read more

Sister Mary DoGood

You are truly a kind, warm, and caring person who loves others (especially fuzzy bunnies), but your fault is that you don't really get out there and do stuff yourself. You're more apt to lend an ear o... Read more


Where have the Miss Havishams in the world gone to? You are a very intelligent person who enjoys helping others, but you lack the drive to get out there and do things yourself. You're like a benefacto... Read more

Loyal Sidekick

What a good friend you are! Always ready to lend a helping hand! Always willing to take the fall! Never thinking about yourself because you are just too damn happy to help! And being so giving is real... Read more

Candy Striper

(That's STRIPER, not Stripper) You are a very helpful person indeed, always ready to lend a hand, ear, shoulder, or any other body part that may be required. You are warm and caring, as well as resour... Read more

Goody Two Shoes

Aw, don't be hurt by that. You're a good person...very nice and helpful to others, always lending a hand. Always, always offering to lend a hand, even perhaps when it's not called for. Oh, and is that... Read more

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