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Their result for The Imaginary-Job Employment Test ...

Leprechaun Hunter!

17 Humor, 23 Skill and 19 Morality!

Wow, you're a difficult case.

You scored right in the middle on EVERYTHING, so we really had to work on finding an imaginary job for you.

By our calculations, you'll need a little luck to get ahead... that's why we think you'd make a good leprechaun hunter.  All you have to do is move to Ireland and keep a watch out for anything small and green!  The beauty part is, they'll do the rest...

Just remember not to trust them when you catch them, and you'll be raking in pots of gold in no time....

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Humor Distribution

    They scored 17% on Humor, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • Skill Distribution

    They scored 23% on Skill, higher than 61% of your peers.

  • Morality Distribution

    They scored 19% on Morality, higher than 54% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Super-Powered Hero!

Look, up in the sky, it's... YOU! You scored high on all three categories, and are suited to a career in defending the world of your choice.  Little tip, though: When you put on your readin... Read more

The Super-Spy!

Now that you've seen this result, you have to eat it. You scored high on Humor and Skill and moderately on Morality.  This makes you well-suited to the moral gray area inhabited by Super-Sp... Read more

The Super-Powered Villain!

Nothing can stop you this time! You scored well in Humor and Skill and low in Morality.  Besides being an effective combination in the real world, this result qualifies you for a career in ... Read more

The Vampire Hunter!

Order yourself a basic black trenchcoat, baby!  Your moderate score in Humor and high scores in Skill and Morality make you well-suited to defend the world from the forces of the Undead. ... Read more

The Rugged Adventurer!

Multiple choice.  Why did it have to be... Multiple Choice? Your high score in Skill and moderate scores in Humor and Morality qualify you for a career as a rugged adventurer!  You'll need... Read more

The Vampire!

You're a big pain in the neck! No, seriously, you are.  Your low score in Morality, high score in Skill, and moderate score in Humor qualifies you for a life as a prince of the undead. ... Read more

The Knight!

Forsooth, thou art a valorous knight! What KIND of knight are you?  Well, I don't actually know.  Whether you want to don some armor and start hanging out at Renaissance Faires, or pick up... Read more

The Barbarian!

GRAAAARGH! You scored high in Skill, medium in Morality, and low in Humor.  This makes you suitable for a career as a garden-variety Caveman, Barbarian, or Prehistoric Conqueror. We... Read more

The Unstoppable Villain!

Okay, here's the deal.  You remember Frankenstein?  You're kind of like him.  Not like Doctor Frankenstein, you understand... you're like the monster.  You scored high in Skill ... Read more

The Outer-Space Hero!

ZOOM!  ZAP!  KER-POW! You scored high on Morality and Humor and moderately on Skill.  This makes you well-suited to a career as an outer-space hero.  You'll need a cool spaceship, a catc... Read more

The Rogue!

Oooh... interesting score. With your high Humor and moderate Skill and Morality, you're suited to a career as a Rogue.  You'll travel from place to place, sometimes as a minor hero, sometim... Read more

The Pirate!

Shiver your timbers, you're a pirate! Your low Morality, high Humor, and moderate Skill make you well-suited to a career on the high seas, plundering and pillaging and robbing the rich to fe... Read more

The Everyman Hero!

We don't know how to break this to you, but you're not really great at anything. On the other hand, you don't SUCK at anything, either, and your high Morality score indicates your heart is i... Read more

Leprechaun Hunter!

Wow, you're a difficult case. You scored right in the middle on EVERYTHING, so we really had to work on finding an imaginary job for you. By our calculations, you'll need a little luc... Read more

The Nemesis!

Hrm. Your moderate Skill and Humor would make you well-suited to a career as an Everyman Hero, but quite frankly you're a little too... well... mean.  Your Morality score is... Read more

The Unicorn Keeper

The good news is, you're a really nice person. The bad news is, your moderate Skill score and especially your low Humor score means you're unsuited to actually do anything.  We sug... Read more

The Tragic Figure!

To be or not to be, that's your question! You scored moderately in Skill and Morality, but low in humor.  This suggests to us that you should be a tragic figure.  Perhaps something Greek, ... Read more

The Henchman!

You're a bad guy, but not a good one. Your low Morality and Humor and moderate skill make you well-suited to a career as, well, an evil flunky.  It's one thing to rule in Hell, as Milton sa... Read more

The Time Traveler!

Holy smokes, you just erased Abraham Lincoln from the timeline! That's right, your high Humor and Morality and low Skill make you the perfect time traveler.  You'll always try to do the rig... Read more

The Nerdy Sidekick!

HAHAHAHA! Boy, are you funny.  You've got us in stitches-- and probably your friends, too, in fact.  But as you may have noticed, unless you're Robin Williams, the real world doesn't offer... Read more

The Turncoat!

"No!  It can't be... YOU!!!" That's the kind of thing you're going to hear a lot in your new career as a Turncoat.  The thing is that you scored high in Humor and low everywhere else.  Yo... Read more

The Muse!

Look, you're not very good at anything, right? It's okay, we're not good at anything, either.  We're not even good at writing tests, which is why we're doing this for free.  But the bottom... Read more

The Elf!

Start making yourself some funny shoes, my friend!  Your score suggests you'd make a perfect Elf! We don't mean, like, a heroic warrior elf or even an industrious Santa's elf.  Your low Sk... Read more

The Scary but Inept Government Agent!

No, you're not a Man in Black.  Although that would be seriously cool.  Why didn't we think to have a man in black result on this test?  Dang it! Anyway, no, your low Skill and Morality a... Read more

The Expendable Hero!

BANG!  Now fall down and try not to blink. Your high Morality score, combined with a low Skill and Humor, suggests you're perfectly suited to life as an Expendable Hero. You know the... Read more

The Robot!

This test... does not... compute... You scored moderately on skill on low on Humor and Morality.  That's... kind of a boring way to score, to be honest, so we've decided that you should be ... Read more

The Zombie!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You scored low on everything.  That couldn't have been easy.  In fact, it ought to be nearly impossible for a living per... Read more

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