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Social Studies Teacher

Wow! You scored 93%!

You know your stuff- Probably better than the "typical American." 

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    They scored 93% on ameripoints, higher than 96% of your peers.

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Stupid American

Oh, my. Look some stuff up online and take this over again. Read more

Average Joe

Okay, you didn't do that well, but you do know some things. While you're online, why don't you look up some things. Google can do wonders for your score. There's lots of stuff to learn on the web..... Read more

High School Graduate

Wow, you were paying attention in some of those classes! Very good, but remember - there's always more to learn... Read more

Jeopardy Contestant

You pay attention! It's quite possible that you read the paper, watch the news and watch Jeopardy. (You can even give the right answer before "Bill" from New Jersey...) You've done well, but there ... Read more

Social Studies Teacher

You know your stuff- Probably better than the "typical American."  Read more

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