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Their result for The ultimate 4chan Test ...

Oldschool surfer

zomg!! you scored 67 lulz and 79 intarweb!

You may know the most of the standard memes. But how often do you visit /b/? i guess not that frequently. Lurk Moar

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • lulz Distribution

    They scored 67% on lulz, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • intarweb Distribution

    They scored 79% on intarweb, higher than 58% of your peers.

All possible test results

YOU FAIL. Miserabely

Your attempt has failed. Not only you dont know whats going on on 4chan, you may only guessed the right answers. Read more

You still fail

You tried hard, you may visit 4chan from time to time. You may know some internet facts who are not 4chan specific But in the end, you failed. Read more

internet surfer

You are that average guy who visits funny internet sites from time to time. Yet, you did'nt catch the wacky 4chan humour. Read more

internet lover

that isn't possible.. How can you know that much about the internet and still be that low on 4chanish things? Read more

loli hunter

you may have visited 4chan for lolicon once, but you are clearly no /b/tard. not even close Read more

average 4chaner

you know a little bit. yet, you are far away from being someone who visits 4chan daily. You may even not able to understand what an epic thread is. Read more

Oldschool surfer

You may know the most of the standard memes. But how often do you visit /b/? i guess not that frequently. Lurk Moar Read more

Internet lover

You know the intarweb. Still, you dont know that much what happens at 4chan. But you need to work on your joke understanding. Read more


Oh fuck, this score is another impossible one. If you got this, youre a goddamned freak. You really have some wacky ideas on improvised humour. Read more

better 4chaner

You visit 4chan frequently. Yet, you dont really know whats really up all the time in /b/. I guess you hang around too much in /cm/ Read more

universial surfer

You really knew what you where doing. You wanted to know how much you where really into 4chan. Your score wasn't able to get by guessing, you know what you are doing. Still: Lurk moar! Read more

Great Interneter

You really know what you are talking about and why you took this test! You have advanced 4chan knowledge and know how to use it! Well done! Read more

Totally Sick

You have a really strange understanding of jokes. It looks like you got this score by luck or by guessing. I can't imaginge that you really know that less about the intarweb but scored that high on lu... Read more

fat nerd

You have a great understanding of lulz but you may not crawl around in the rest of the internet that much. Read more

Great 4chaner

You really know the essence. Great! Keep up the good work, now you only have to stop playing wow. Read more


You, Sir, win so very hard. You know 4chan down to its very essence! You know the intarweb, you know /b/, you may even have a goatse on your ass, commanding a "ZIG", taste the rainbow and lulz your as... Read more

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