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You scored 59 %boldness, 44% weakness, and 53% wickedness!

You're a little twisted, but not in a malicious way. I'll bet you're fun, even if it's a bit muted and short-lived. Guns make you flinch, the thought of serious social change is a bit beyond you. Your low weakness factor is a major plus, and makes you a reliable, reponsible freak that others can depend on.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • boldness Distribution

    They scored 59% on boldness, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • weakness Distribution

    They scored 44% on weakness, higher than 45% of your peers.

  • wickedness Distribution

    They scored 53% on wickedness, higher than 71% of your peers.

All possible test results


You aren't an iconoclast and never will be. At best, you fantasize about what it would be like to buck the system. Shopping like a sheep at the mall and sucking down Starbucks' overpriced slop is ju... Read more


You occasionally step out of line. But you quickly jump right back in. Sexually, you're willing to try new things, but only if someone else proposes them. Socially, you're next to useless. You'd ... Read more


Oh, you're WICKED, alright. Skies gray up over you. Street lights go dark when you pass by them. Your touch is corrupting, your kiss lethal to lesser beings. Finding out how to properly channel th... Read more


You are so wishy-washy that it makes me sick to even have to address you. Gutless, unoriginal, and with no clear morals or beliefs, you are nearly as bland as wheat paste. Even if you did find somet... Read more


Your lack of boldness takes you out of a leadership role. You're also too weak to take real responsibility. However, you are above-average in the wickedness department, so you do have some redeeming... Read more


Oh, you're dangerous. Wicked to the core and your weakness makes you susceptible to constant exercise of that wickedness. You'll push the limit again and again, but you're not really sure why other ... Read more


Why the fuck did you take this test? Your weakness not only sickens me, it should tell you that you're not even qualified to be a neophyte. Look, I know that guns, drugs, sex, insanity, and social... Read more


Weak and sort of wicked Yep, that's you. Your compulsion towards acting out has either had nearly lethal ramifications for you, or will sometime soon. You love bizarre and risky sex, know you don... Read more


You are one *wicked* motherfucker, even if you are generally too weak to do anything about it. If you were bolder, you'd be more interesting. If you were stronger, you'd be a force to be reckoned wi... Read more


You are above average in boldness and assertion, but need others around you to bring out your wickedness and vanquish your weakness. You work best in small groups of like minds, though you're not abo... Read more


You're a little twisted, but not in a malicious way. I'll bet you're fun, even if it's a bit muted and short-lived. Guns make you flinch, the thought of serious social change is a bit beyond you. Y... Read more


You have potential. Bold enough to set yourself apart from the pack, wicked enough to do something for real about the world around you. Low weakness factor makes you a very attractive person. Highl... Read more


Bolder than average, weaker than average. You want it. With the right drugs/booze, you'll go for it. Otherwise, you could vanish right back into the regular life. A weekend warrior. Read more


You're interesting for a bit, before your weaknesses get the better of you. That's what limits you. Leave them behind and be one of us. Read more


Oooooooh. Such a wicked little thing, you are. When people meet your gaze, they are seduced. But there's a dark side to you, and it's the weakness. Do you have what it takes to go all the way? Be... Read more


Your weakness kills off any prospect you had of being a real iconoclast. Better luck next lifetime. Read more


Arrrrrrrgh! You have potential, but you're weak. You're best off right where you are: on the outside looking in. If you jump into the pool, you'll drown! Read more


Terribly wicked, terribly weak, fairly bold. Whatcha' gonna' do today? As with others, wicked and weak are a very dangerous combination. You could find yourself in over your head too fast and witho... Read more


A bold motherfucker. People around you know you have guts. You're confident, able, and relatively sane. You walk your own path without stepping on too many toes, aren't at threat to your own person... Read more


Right out of "The Wild One." You're a sexy beast that everyone wants to fuck. If you carry a gun, people want to go shooting with you. You're not a rebel without a cause. Just someone living out l... Read more


It's you. You are the edge. Everything else is "back there." You walk into a room and all eyes are on you. Cops don't even want to question you and would rather just let you go. Politicians fear ... Read more


You've got some serious heart. Passionate, unrelenting, and beautiful, you sometimes go too far (or not far enough) and wind up a little pissed at yourself for it. Living out loud is your speciality... Read more


Creeping Jesus, you disco biscuit! I suspect that you're a veteran raver who likes to dress up in animal costumes and have sex with strangers. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Just hard to quali... Read more


You're a royal handful. Millimeters away from an absolute disaster, and you love it that way. A potentially evil genius lurks behind your eyes and you are unafraid to use it. Occasionally you fall ... Read more


Amazing. I didn't know anyone could be so bold and so utterly weak at the same time. Actually, I did. Political advertising is all about people like you. People who are malleable and yet still f... Read more


Bold, but weak. Potential for wicked interface: pretty good. Nonetheless, you are impulsive. That makes you dangerous to yourself and those around you because your boldness is seductive. They'll f... Read more


People genuinely fear you, with good reason. You push all the limits, all the time. Death isn't something that worries you. It will probably come and get you, though, while you're relatively young.... Read more

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