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Puppy Love

Hhhmmmm.... He does not love you, that is for sure. But he does enjoy being around you.

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Are you stupid?

You can't be serious. You call someone like this your man? It is quite obvious that he is not interested, or even if he shows interest, he only using you. I strongly recommend you sit and talk to this... Read more

He cares a bit

While it is obvious he doesn't really enjoy spending much time with you, he does like you. He has feelings for you. Probably it is taking him a while to get to the "love" stage. But he treats you way ... Read more

He loves you

While he doesn't enjoy spending alot of time with you, and he is not particularly interested in spending his dough on you, he loves you. There is feelings there. You are like a 50 year old house wife.... Read more

At least he is kind

While it shows he does not really enjoy spending time with you and he does not love you, he doesn't mind spending his cash on you. Interesting. If you are looking for a guy to use for financial gain, ... Read more

Well he likes you

He likes you, and he doesn't mind spending a little money on you. That is good. But where time is considered, he doesn't really have the urge to spend quality time with you. Is it that you're boring h... Read more

Love is in the Air!

You go my dear! You have him loving you and liking to spend money on you, but not enjoying spending quality time with you! What, is y'all relationship only based on sex? Come on. Well, that's all I se... Read more

He a fool

This dude is an idiot. Who on earth would wanna spend they money on someone they don't love and don't enjoy spending time with? INCEST? I wouldn't think so. Read more

Rich Guy

I see he has money. He might not be filthy rich, but he has the money to make you feel comfortable and he has the interest to make you feel comfortable. Probably so that he could kick it with his boys... Read more

Nice Guy

I see you found yourself a nice guy. But the spark seems to have faded. Try the strawberry, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and scented candles, that should spark his interest. Read more

Mean Dude

At least you are an interesting person and your man likes to spend time with you. Not many women have that advantage. Well he does not love you, probably not yet, and he doesn't really care about maki... Read more

It's getting there

He likes you, and he enjoys spending time with you. That's a good thing. Before you know it, if things continue the way they are going, he will be eating out of the palm of your hands. There is alot o... Read more

Madly in love

At least this can reassure you that your man loves you and likes to spend time with you. Read more

Puppy Love

Hhhmmmm.... He does not love you, that is for sure. But he does enjoy being around you. Read more


He likes you, and he like spending time with you. To me it seems as if he pictures you merely as a friend. If it is intimate, then an intimate friend. Y'all just get down with the nasty whenever y'all... Read more

No worry

As the Jamaican's would say, "No problem mon!" You got nothing to worry about here. He loves you, and he likes to spend time with you. He likes to see you comfortable also. Good relationship. Read more

He doesn't love you

He doesn't love you. He probably feels bad within himself to now that you like him so much, and he doesn't like you half as much as you like him. He will go out of his way to make you feel good. He li... Read more

He is getting there

While he is trying to love you, pressuring him or spending too much time with him might make him get weary and want to pull away. He likes to hang with you and he does like you, and he enjoys to make ... Read more

It is love

He loves you, and he likes to spend time with you. He loves to see you happy. Read more

Strange dude

He loves to spend time with you, but he does not love you. He couldn't care less if you are happy or not. That is not a good sign. Talk to him and look into yourself and see if you really want to be w... Read more

Category 20

He likes you and he loves to spend time with you. He couldn't care less if you want to feel comfortable or not. Pretty selfish don't you think? You are a very interesting and fun to hang with person. ... Read more


He loves you, he likes kicking with you, but he tight on his cash. Why? I ain't Miss Cleo. But I can tell you that he loves you, and he genuinely loves to spend time with you. Read more


He loves to kick it with you and he doesn't love you? Are you sure he is your man, or y'all just friends, or y'all just **** buddies? Read more


He is after one thing - sex. He is interested in one thing - sex. Based on your answers, he spends the majority of his time with you considering - sex. He makes you comfy now and again to get his - se... Read more

Almost PERFECT!!!!

While he enjoys your company, and loves you to death. He doesn't mind spending a little cash to suit your needs. He might not be the perfect guy, but he can be the perfect friend and the perfect lover... Read more


To me this guy is a hypocrite. I mean he sticks around. He hangs out with you. He gets you what you want, But he doesn't like you? Is your sex that good? I commend you! You need to spread the word on ... Read more

He loves ur company

He loves to spend time with you. He loves to make you comfy. But the sad news is, he does not love you. It is getting there, for he likes you - a bit. But he doesn't love you yet. Time will tell. Read more


You gotta be kidding me. I envy you. Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship? Or can one guy love a woman so much? What did you do to the woman's son? You have him whipped!!! You go my dear! M... Read more

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