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Their result for The Alternative Recreation Test ...


You scored 80% fearless, 70% zany, 80% aggressive, and 40% sexy!

You're fearless. You're aggressive. Are you ready to suit up and try Paintball?

Paintball is a sport in which participants use compressed air guns called markers to shoot paintballs (marble-sized, .68 caliber, gelatin capsules filled with colored polyethylene glycol "paint") at other players. It is in essence a complex form of tag, as players struck with paintballs during the game are eliminated.

Sound interesting? Visit paintball.com for more info. Happy shooting!

Thanks to Wikipedia for the definition.


Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • danger-fear Distribution

    They scored 80% on danger-fear, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • zany-boring Distribution

    They scored 70% on zany-boring, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • aggress-patienc Distribution

    They scored 80% on aggress-patienc, higher than 94% of your peers.

  • sexy-childlike Distribution

    They scored 40% on sexy-childlike, higher than 9% of your peers.

All possible test results


You seem to have the patience and sense of adventure that would be well-suited to Geocaching! WHAT IT IS: Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participant... Read more


You're patient and you're not the dangerous type. You might like Shuffleboard! Sound a little dull for your tastes? Then try Archery! WHAT IT IS: Shuffleboard is a gam... Read more


You're patient and sensual. Perhaps you would enjoy Contortionism! WHAT IT IS: Contortionism is an unusual form of acrobatic display which involves the dramatic bending and fle... Read more


You're patient and you're not the type to seek out danger. You're also a kid at heart. Perhaps you would like Twirling! WHAT IT IS: Baton twirling, usually associated with dru... Read more


Your aggressive nature indicates you might do well at Fencing! WHAT IT IS: In the broadest possible sense, fencing is the art and science of armed combat involving cutting, stab... Read more

Tombstone Rubbing

Your dark side suggests you might be interested in trying Tombstone Rubbing! WHAT IT IS: Tombstone rubbing is the hobby of using paper and drawing materials to make rubbings of grav... Read more


Your fun nature and patience would be well-suited to Juggling! WHAT IT IS: Deriving from the Middle English word "jogelen," to entertain by performing tricks, the term juggling ... Read more


Your gentle and creative nature indicates you may excel at Synchronized Swimming! WHAT IT IS: A hybrid of swimming, gymnastics, and ballet, synchronized swimming involves compet... Read more

Hula Hooping

You're fun and you're in touch with your inner child. You also have the patience required to become a master at Hula Hooping! WHAT IT IS: Just in case you have never seen one, ... Read more


You're a ball of energy! You would love Jazzercising! WHAT IT IS: Jazzercise is a fitness program that combines elements of jazz dance into aerobic exercise. The name also refe... Read more

Swing Dancing

You're a creative type with energy to spare. Might I suggest Swing Dancing? WHAT IT IS: Swing dance is a jazzy style of dance characterized by lots of fun and energy. In many ... Read more

Belly Dancing

You're sensual, fiery and wild. You would probably enjoy Belly Dancing! WHAT IT IS: Belly dance is a Western name for a style of dance developed in the Middle East and other Ar... Read more

Hang Gliding

The view, the sense of adventure, the danger..! Ever consider Hang Gliding? WHAT IT IS: Hang gliding is an air sport. It is both recreational and competitive. The sport is clos... Read more


Not one to be fearful, you might enjoy the adventure and mystery of Spelunking! WHAT IT IS: Spelunking, also called caving, is the recreational sport of exploring caves. The ch... Read more

Fire Eating

Your fearless nature and wild side prompt me to suggest Fire Eating! WARNING: Fire eating is a very dangerous act and should not be attempted without professional training!!! b... Read more


Aggressive and determined, you would be a natural at Handball! WHAT IT IS: There are two basic types of handball - team handball (an Olympic sport) and wall handball. ... Read more

Jai Alai

Your fearless and aggressive nature suggest you might enjoy the world's fastest sport, Jai Alai! WHAT IT IS: Pronounced hī" u-lī', jai alai, also called pelota, is a g... Read more


You're fiery and you love danger. You might also love Motorcross! WHAT IT IS: Motocross (often shortened to (MX) or MotoX) is a form of motorcycle racing or all-terrain vehicle... Read more


You're slightly wacky and you like a little danger. You should try Bobsledding! WHAT IT IS: Remember sledding with your friends in the winter? Well, add a few more friends and... Read more

Base Jumping

You're dangerous and determined. And if someone told you to go jump off a bridge, you just might do it, because you're the kind of person who would love Base Jumping? WARNING: Base ... Read more

Flying Trapeze

You're fearless, adventurous and a little crazy, but in a charming way. Perhaps you would enjoy the Flying Trapeze. WHAT IT IS: Most people who have been to the circus will be ... Read more

Street Luge

My research shows you are fearless and wild. Your aggressive and fearless nature might be compatible with Street Luge. WHAT IT IS: Street luge was born in Southern California a... Read more


You're fearless. You're aggressive. Are you ready to suit up and try Paintball? WHAT IT IS: Paintball is a sport in which participants use compressed air guns called markers t... Read more


You're dangerous, wild and a wee bit insane. You'd be a natural on the Krumping scene! WHAT IT IS: Krumping (similar clown dancing or clowning) is a fast growing style of hip h... Read more

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