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Their result for The Which Breakfast Cereal Are You Test ...

Lucky Charms

You scored 90 Kindness, 99 Intelligence, 96 Style, and 117 Humor!

Yes, they may always be after his Lucky Charms, but, the question is, are they always after yours? With your obvious Kindness, Intelligence, Style, and Humor, I would be surprised if that were not the case. When it comes to that quirky leprechaun, you too may have a thing or two you can charm up. You're well on your way to becoming the ruler of the breakfast world.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Kindness Distribution

    They scored 90% on Kindness, higher than 95% of your peers.

  • Intelligence Distribution

    They scored 99% on Intelligence, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • Style Distribution

    They scored 96% on Style, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • Humor Distribution

    They scored 117% on Humor, higher than 100% of your peers.

All possible test results

Whole Wheat Flakes

While seemingly, plain, and dull, their's a mysteriousness that lurks deep within. Inside your crunchy exterior lay a wholesome, and intriguing persona. With a bit more work, you could be in shape in ... Read more

Fruity O's.

You're a bit fruity in the humor department, but, that's about all. Despite, that, you've earned only the reputation as being a Generic Fruity O's. Maybe someday you'll achieve your way up too the ful... Read more

Honey Pops.

Corn Pops are tasty. Though, unfortunately, you're not there yet. You have a lot of style, but, have to some work to do in other areas. After you progress out of the Honey Pops, medium, the world coul... Read more


You clearly have some panache' and humor. Thus, like that wacky rabbit, who can never seem to beat those kids, you may have a trick or two up your sleeve. If you work on your kindness, and put your no... Read more

Category 5

Read more

Sweet Wheats

Clearly showing intelligence, and a sense of humor, you have no problem choosing from a variety of deliciousness. The downside is, your style leaves something to be desired. Let go a bit, and spruce u... Read more

Apple Jacks

Style, and a keen intelligence are nothing new to you. Although, humor and kindness maybe. Despite the shortcomings, you could definitely be a(n) Apple Jacks type of person. Not too bland, not too ove... Read more

Fruit Loops

Nice job, slugger. You ranked high on the 3 of the 4 categories. It just goes to show, with a little effort, style, and humor, you too can be like Tucan. Read more

Special K

Nothing but kindness on the ol' ticker. Wholesome goodness, yes, that is true. Special K is bland, but, tasty. You maybe vanilla, but, at least you've done it with a clean heart. Way-to-Go! Read more

HoneyNut Cheerios

You, my friend, are a HoneyNut Cheerios. Full of sweetness, and humor. While, you may lack in certain areas, tasty brown oh's of deliciousness are not one of them. Nice work. Read more

Grape Nuts

Crunchy, healthy, and a burst of wholesome goodness. You clearly know this already. Work on boosting your style, and hit the books, and who knows what your breakfast futures may hold. Read more

Cinnamon Life

Yes, mikey did like it. As well as millions of others who indulge in this sinfully orgasmic breakfast encounter. Nothing short of grand, when that spoonful of cinnamon and those crunchy squares tumble... Read more

Wheat Bran Flakes

While plain, they're astonishingly tasty, and good for you. You may not always like this, but, there is a part of you that says, oh yes, how grandoise this is. Clearly showing intelligence, and a kind... Read more


Tasty. Crunchy, sweet and delicious. This delicious treat is neither over the top, nor a pile of bland bran flakes. A good balance for a treat, or a sweet breakfast meal. Work on your style, and you'l... Read more

Frosted Flakes

Yoooou're GREAT!! When it comes to Kindness, Intelligence, and some style, you're right up there. Those delicious flakes fluttering around in the murky white atmosphere that is breakfast; you tantilze... Read more

Lucky Charms

Yes, they may always be after his Lucky Charms, but, the question is, are they always after yours? With your obvious Kindness, Intelligence, Style, and Humor, I would be surprised if that were not the... Read more

Fiber One

Fiber. Taste. Sometimes they don't always go hand in hand. To you, though, that doesn't always matter. With your sweetness, it's the thought that counts. While not out of the fruit loops yet, you stil... Read more

Special K - PLUS

Nothing but kindness on the ol' ticker. Wholesome goodness, yes, that is true. The ORIGINAL Special K is bland, but, tasty. You, my friend, have moved a step beyond. With those crunchy, but, scrumptio... Read more


Sweet, and stylish. Those quirky swirls, all whisked away in the milk of life. You are definitely one with a kind heart, and sense of style. Work on your humor and, crack the books, and you'll be hang... Read more

Cookie Crisp

...and who said you can't have cookies for breakfast!? Certainly not you, you breakfast bandit, stealing the day from everyone else as you dash on through like a diabetic in Wonka's factory. While lac... Read more


While Intelligence, and Kindness are your stronger points, your style and humor leave a bit to be desired. On one side you have a crispy corn side. Tasty, and kind. The other side, a crunchy rice of i... Read more

Cocoa Krispies

It's chocolate. It's a krispy. It's a snack AND a breakfast in a bowl. Eat them out of the box, or with milk. A versatile cereal, as well as a versastile you. Good job. Work on your style, and who kno... Read more

Frosted Mini-Wheats

It's quite true, at least in my opinion, that very few people dislike that goodness in those Frosted Mini-Wheats. With a great sense of Kindness, Intelligence, and style, making a great combination. T... Read more

Count Chocula

Nothing but fantastic would describe you. Count Chocula, you are. Stylish', Intelligent, you can work a room with the greatest of ease, or simply count to 10. I have nothing more to say. Good job. Be ... Read more

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