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Their result for The Which God will you become Test ...

Feared Flamething

You scored 33 Levels of Ego, 50 Special Powers, and 50 Element!

so youre sent to earth to burn down dog houses?!?! by the fires of hell, you devilishly demand something more fun to pass the time! so you listen with explosive anticipation for that one little phrase, "i think i'm having hot flashes"!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Levels of Ego Distribution

    They scored 33% on Levels of Ego, higher than 16% of your peers.

  • Special Powers Distribution

    They scored 50% on Special Powers, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • Element Distribution

    They scored 50% on Element, higher than 17% of your peers.

All possible test results

The AirHead

You are a hot air balloon... youre the one all the other gods point at and laugh. Thats ok... you'll get back at them when they're all asleep. "And the Airhead stands in the middle of the room, feelin... Read more

The Rock Gnasher

Babies suck on thumbs... you suck on rocks. youre the one that sent gods shrieking out of the citadel on the day of your birth. when you grow up, you'll accidentally walk on gods... though you cry too... Read more

Matchstick Demon

youre known to get ticks off dogs. the gods like to have you around when they are gathered around the hookah... they merely pick you up and stick your head in the bowl. after years of this being your ... Read more

Water Baby

youre called the fountain of youth by the superior gods. yeah, youre pure... but you come bearing one power... "excessive spring drool". oneday, youre going to crawl out of the water supply and sleep ... Read more

Ugly Mudthing

Youre the butt of the god's cunning pranks. LITERALLY! they place you where another god intends to sit... before they realize it, they're wearing you on the back of thier trousers! it's all good reall... Read more

Blindmist Baby

Too bad... youre the saddest thing known to all the gods: a bubbling, boiling, blackened puddle of ash and water. When millenia have passed, you will become a great sea of tar, stealing away those pre... Read more

Wicked Windthing

Youve earned your rites on earth with the ability to cause short gusts of wind... but given your mischievious nature, you'll probably use your powers to lift the skirts of women... just to see that lo... Read more

Rotten Rockthing

youve been enlisted into the ranks of Planetside Chaos Brigade! your job is to cause small earthquakes in Los Angeles. boring huh? well, due to your devious desires, youre going to inspire film makers... Read more

Feared Flamething

so youre sent to earth to burn down dog houses?!?! by the fires of hell, you devilishly demand something more fun to pass the time! so you listen with explosive anticipation for that one little phrase... Read more

Wandering Waterthing

Wow, your job on earth is to clean the water supply so that all the humans can enjoy the luxury of springwater from the tap. after two days of doing that, you hire radioactive bacteria to do your job ... Read more

Bastard Bogthing

hired to endanger a species of toad, huh? BLARG! how 'bout endangering some good-ole-boys mud ridin' trucks? Read more

Terrible Tarthing

The gods have asked you to protect the highways of america with your superior tar-form. they say it'll save the country from becoming too far in debt. so you think, "Okay, but if my goal is to save am... Read more

God/dess of Breeze

All hail you, beautiful Deity... providing the breeze to run through lovers' hair! Filling the sails of the adventurous! long you be worshipped... at least until you turn around to reveal the poopy-li... Read more

Bright Rockbottoms

OOo! YEAH! Buns of steel, Baby! well rock, anyways... you bet your ass you'll be worshipped for thousands of years! Read more


Beautiful! absolutely HOT! (you know that thing that came out in the late eighties, early ninties when people would simulate the evaporation of spit from thier fingertips.. yeah... there's going to be... Read more

Sexy Sea Siren

yes, you brought it back... Homer will have to be resurrected to write about your sinister curves and hypnotic sawy.... and that voice... nevermind the voice... (just hope the director of "Jason and t... Read more

Georgia Claything

Nothing gets by you, does it? you could stop a train with that sculpted smile of yours... especially in the rain. People arent bowing down for that alone... theyre still trying to get you out of thier... Read more

Tempting Tarheels

Youre the Underworld's Finest catch... too bad the pursuer cant let you go... i'm sure that gets tiring... people cant keep thier hands off you... Read more

God/dess of Air

with an ego like that, you fuel the mighty gusts of air that uproot trees and blow down houses. just make sure your people dont think youre full of hot air. Read more

God/dess of Earth

Your hard-headedness has earned you the rite of being ruler over the Earth Element. though your will is chiseled out of rock, try not to be the stone in your peoples' shoe. Read more

God/dess of Fire

Your ego has boiled over into the ranks of hell, causing you to be the master of Fire... after a year of your rule, you have an informant tell you that your people think youre a flamer. What NOW?!?!? Read more

God/dess of Water

if your powers equal that of your pride, you'll make a fine ruler over the seven seas of earth! you have a hard time keeping the title a hundred years from now though... when your people start saying ... Read more

God/dess of Oil

Congrats, youre a slick one... youre now the one everyone's fighing about... how's it feel being on the other side of those gas prices? i bet it's funny now, huh... well, don't let your power slip fro... Read more

God/dess of Chaos!

Congradulations! youre the one that ties it all together... making all those other gods fight each other. even with that, youre still setting traps of jealousy and vengence... They bow to you, taking ... Read more

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