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Mary Queen Of Scots

You scored 45% on ruling power!

You are: Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1587. Mary led an eventful and troubling life. She became Queen of Scotland when she was just six days old. At age five she was sent to France to be brought up in the French court, and eventually married King Francis II, who died the next year. A widow, Mary returned to Scotland where a series of politically unwise love affairs and her continued adherence to Catholicism in a Protestant country led to trouble and a revolt against her. Forced to flee to England for refuge, she now faced the fears of Queen Elizabeth I who saw her as a rival to her throne. Elizabeth kept Mary under a form of imprisonment for the next 19 years. Watched closely, she was implicated in a series of conspiracies against Queen Elizabeth, and was executed.

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Queen Liliuokalani

You are: Queen Liliuokalani, Last Monarch of Hawaii, 1838-1917. Queen Liliuokalani's reign was short and stormy. Upon inheriting the throne, she had to deal with an economically depressed economy and ... Read more

Empress Tzu-his

You are: Tzu-his, Empress of China, 1835-1908. Although only a low-ranking concubine of the Emperor Hs'en Feng, Tzu-hsi rose in status when she bore his only son. At his death, and her son's successio... Read more

Isabella of Castile

You are: Isabella I of Castile, Queen of Spain, 1451-1504. When Isabella married Ferdinand of Aragon in 1469, both she and her husband became joint rulers of the whole of Spain. They governed independ... Read more

Queen Amina

You are: Amina, Nigerian Queen, 1560-1610. Queen Amina headed the northern Nigerian Hausa city-state of Zaria. It is thought that perhaps the Hausa were matrilineal people at that time since having a ... Read more

Mary Queen Of Scots

You are: Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1587. Mary led an eventful and troubling life. She became Queen of Scotland when she was just six days old. At age five she was sent to France to be brought up in th... Read more

Mbande Nzinga

You are: Mbande Nzinga, Angolan Queen, 1582-1663. Nzinga (or Jinga) was the colorful queen of the Ndongo and Matamba kingdoms. She is honored for her resistance against the Portuguese who were increas... Read more

Catherine The Great

You are: Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. 1729-1796. Ambitious and intelligent, Catherine arrived in Russia from Germany in 1744 to marry the 16 year old Grand Duke Peter. His unpopularity allo... Read more

Queen Victoria

You are: Victoria, Queen of England, 1819-1901. Queen Victoria's reign was the longest in English history. Called the Victorian age, it was a time when Britain was at the height of its colonial power.... Read more

Eleanor of Aquitaine

You are: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England and of France, 1122-1202. Eleanor was one of the most influential figures of the 12th century. Married at age fifteen to Louis VII of France, she later ... Read more

Catherine de Medici

You are: Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, 1519-1589. Catherine de Medici was a born into the influential Medici family of Florence, Italy. In 1533 she was given in a political marriage to Henri, ... Read more

Elizabeth I

You are: Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603. With a childhood full of political intrigue, it was assumed that Elizabeth would never become queen. But she did, and as queen managed for a time to ... Read more

Queen Sammuramat

You are: Sammuramat, Assyrian Queen, 9th Century B.C. Sammuramat is the subject of many myths about her reign as both the wife and mother of kings. She apparently accompanied her husband into battle, ... Read more

Queen Hatshepsut

You are: Hatshepsut, Queen of Egypt, 15th century B.C. Hatshepsut was a powerful political person in Egypt even before she assumed the title of Pharaoh. She had a peaceful reign promoting trade and th... Read more


You are: Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt, 14th Century B.C. Nefertiti was the powerful wife of Akhenaton, who worshiped a new religion honoring only one God, Aten. She later rejected this religion, backing ... Read more


You are: Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, 69-30 B.C. Cleopatra was the ambitious last ruler of the Macedonian Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. In her struggles to win the crown and keep her country free, she sough... Read more

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