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Their result for The End-all-be-all History (Pt. 1) Test ...


You scored and 26 Right!

That was a hard test, and you did pretty well. Pat yourself on the back.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Right Distribution

    They scored 26% on Right, higher than 56% of your peers.

All possible test results


You got just about every single question wrong. Why did you even bother? Did you want to feel stupid? You need to READ A BOOK! Or at least take a basic 100 level history class..... Read more

Just Plain Terrible

You have the historical knowledge of a semi-retarded person. You show some slight knowledge, or you could guess better than the one group below you. Either way there is no escaping the fact that you... Read more


You show some slight knowledge, but nothing one wouldn't consider the most basic historical knowledge. Don't be proud of yourself. Read more


You aren't too awful, but you aren't too good either. There were plenty of hard questions on there. Better luck on part two. Read more

Just below Average

Just a little below what everybody should know. Not too shabby Read more


You got just enough right that you could be considered an average person with average historical knowledge. Must suck to be just average.... Read more

Above Average

Above Average. Nice work. I recommend part II to you when I get it done.... Read more


That was a hard test, and you did pretty well. Pat yourself on the back. Read more

Mighty Good

Great work. You have triumphed over 10 other categories of people who know less than you do. Of course, you also got beaten out by 4 other groups. You gonna let them do that to you? Are you? Read more


Don't get me wrong, you did very well. In fact, you are the 4th in a ranking of over 15. That's damn good. You just dont know enough to be in the top three. If you got 50, thats just one question.... Read more


You performed marvelously. You must be a history major/teacher/fanatic of some kind. Nobody else except me and the one group above you could do this well. Read more


Almost. Not quite good enough to be another category up, but nonetheless mightily impressive. You have achieved the second ranking in the hardest history test yet created on this site..... Read more


You get the honorific title of Avtokrator. You are awesome. I nod to your equal knowledge. Read more

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