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Though many think you brash or impatient, the truth is you're efficient. Sitting on a rooftop with a crossbow, waiting hours and hours for the perfect shot is not time-efficient. While oth... Read more


While many thieves look down on your tactics, they can't deny the results. You get the job done, often much more quickly than anyone thought possible. Most thieves who get jobs done as quickly as y... Read more


Though you don't spend much time planning, everything always seems to work out anyways. You're fit, tough, agile, and very lucky. Luck keeps you alive, though maybe it's karma. A lot of your kind a... Read more


Usually you don't bother with employers. Too restrictive. Most employers have all these rules: don't kill him, don't kill her, blah, blah, blah. Then they want their cut, or their item, or whatever... Read more


Cunning and brilliant, your plans baffle other thieves. You are constantly assessing probability and risks, taking chances that no one else dares to take. If a few petty lives have to be taken to a... Read more

Heist Artist

While other thieves consider themselves employees, or professionals, consider yourself an artist. While you don't always spend time planning before a job, it helps.  The rest of your brilliance is... Read more


Highly trained, fast and lethal, you are the perfect hired hand. No job is too tough or bloody. If a few bodies get in the way, they'll be cut down. Nothing can stop you, not rivers, not mountains,... Read more


You've been doing this job longer than most. Your training is years of experience and mistakes. Your weapon of choice is a clear head and calm soul, everything else is just a tool to accomplish you... Read more


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