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Their result for The Medieval Character Test ...

Honest Merchant

You scored 31 % Honor and 55 % Tolerance!

You're a what? What's an honest merchant? Never heard of it. Must be a demon then.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Honor Distribution

    They scored 31% on Honor, higher than 11% of your peers.

  • Tolerance Distribution

    They scored 55% on Tolerance, higher than 100% of your peers.

All possible test results

"Selfish" Lord/Lady

It is my regret to tell you that you are evil and mean. You are selfish and think only of yourself...and bloodthirsty to boot. Actually, I do not regret it. Your serfs have all run amok, and are cu... Read more

Nearly a Total Cad

You have no honor, but you tolerate people looking at you funny. You are only a landless knight/dame, but I have good news. If you work hard, and be nice to the poor, you might get better. Read more

Needs Experience

You need to work on your honor. Don't be such an opportunist. You have been through few battles, and you are too green to understand what honor is. Or, you could go check out a few books on it. If ... Read more

Such Naivete

You are not well balanced enough. You trust too many. You are a well-born woman that ran away from an imepending marriage to a great hulking brute of a barbarian. You got robbed by bandits, and now... Read more


You are a child that has no need to do anything. You have every thing you want because daddy has lots of money. Mommy gives you milk and cookies every day, and reads a story to you whenever you want... Read more


You have an okay sense of honor and decency, but you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. You should consider drinking your morning coffee. No one likes an intolerant meanie. Of cours... Read more

"Good" Lord/Lady

You have a medium tolerance and honor. However, as a man, you demand that your lady do your bidding at all times. You are a great warrior, and you have good reason to want your people to follow your ... Read more

Honest Merchant

You're a what? What's an honest merchant? Never heard of it. Must be a demon then. Read more

The Good Serf

You are a peasant. A serf in particular. You cannot leave, you cannot read and write. Lucky for you, your master is tolerant, and makes certain that you have everything you need. You cannot wait un... Read more


You are a peasant, but luckily, not a serf. You can write your name. You have one cow, a one room cottage, two pots, a few plates, several blankets, and all of your clothing has only one patch or two... Read more

Warrior Knight

You are brave, and very strong. You have the strength of 6 men. You know that all evil must be irradicated. The good always triumph over evil. Forget the Christian God, the mighty Odin and Thor are... Read more

The King/Queen

You are the King. No, not Elvis, idiot. The supreme ruler of your land. The only people that you really have to be nice to are the church leaders. They can excommunicate you. Not good huh? Maybe ... Read more


You have been very pious to get to this level(or very manipulative and cunning, and sold as many indulgences as possible), and you are hoping to climb even higher.... Read more

The Cardinal

You a very powerful. You can command the might of an army if you have a king under your thumb. The people love you. You are salvation to all, and you get to help pick the pope. You are sexually re... Read more

The Pope

You are the supreme ruler, kings are petty in you eyes. Your God is everything. You are above petty arguements and the impurity of mankind. You hold the keys. Read more

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