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Ken Jennings

You are Ken Jennings. 'Nuff said.

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True US Citizen

You are the true US citizen - you know nothing about your country. You managed to get a few questions right, but you still have a long way to go. Perhaps you should take a few more history lessons? Read more


You score as a foreigner - you know more about US History than most citizens, but you still don't know some of the tricker bits. Not to worry though, many of these questions won't come up on the Citi... Read more

Foreign-Born Citizen

You know enough to have qualified for citizenship. I bet you either aced or will ace your citizenship exam (should you choose to take it.) You know more than the average Joe Blow walking down the st... Read more

History Student

History was one of your better subjects in school wasn't it? You know some of the more trivial aspects of US History, and scored much better than most would. Good job! Read more

History Teacher

You ranked in the level of most High School history teachers - you know more than many, and are a good reference. I hear there's a teacher shortage in case you are out of work. Read more

Game Show Contestant

Good lord you know a lot about US History - you've got to try and get on Jeopardy or something, I'm sure you'll win a lot! Read more


You are a United States History encyclopedia. Your arcane knowledge of some of the most trivial aspects of US history make you a vital member of any Trivial Persuit game. You should have no trouble ... Read more

Ken Jennings

You are Ken Jennings. 'Nuff said. Read more

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