• Welcome!

    This test is aimed to determine your understanding of natural phenomena rather than your knowledge of scientific facts and formulae. In most cases you won't have to do any calculations and won't need a calculator or paper (of course, you are free to use both if you wish). Almost all questions can be solved by reasoning, so if you don't remember how some physical quantities are related to each other, try to determine it by using logic and common sense.

    The questions you'll be challenged with cover nearly all fields of natural sciences - math, physics, astronomy, geography, chemistry, biology, and medicine. Don't worry if you lack the knowledge in any of those - quite often you'll be able to solve the problem by dismissing obviously incorrect choices and/or using your background in related disciplines. In some cases you'll get partial credit by choosing incomplete or inexact answers, so don't skip a question unless you absolutely have to.

    Good luck!

    P.S.: I have posted hints for all questions to my journal. But please, don't look there until you take the test!