• If you want to find a life partner with which to make and raise children, then you would be a fool not to check ahead of time to see if you are compatible parents. Obviously, very few parents are IDENTICAL in their ideals. However, there are a few different fundamental archtypes. An aspiring parent of a specific archtype is only compatible with a parent of the same archtype, with the exception of the INDIFFERENT archtype, people of which are compatible with any of the other archtypes, but not with eachother, due to the chaotic lack of direction. I consulted an expert to make this test, so don't complain to me if you don't like the results.

    This test has 1 page, 4 sections, and 19 questions. The test is set so that the factors of gender and age do not effect the results.

    The category-making function and the final page text function of the test-making program did not work, but the 4 basic parameters each characterize a specific archtype, so seek out the people that have similar scores thereof.