Gloriane and Bill

I knew immediately he was "the one". I had never, ever in my life felt that way about a man. Read more »

Betsy and Toby

On my way to meet her, I saw a wooden sign carved with the words "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." I thought: Wow. I get it. This is it. The second I saw her down the street I had to stop walking because I knew this was it. I was totally hers. Read more »

Sam and Justine

Now I know what finding your soulmate feels like. Everything just falls into place. Read more »

Maile and Brandon

He was so cute and such a gentleman, I had forgotten what they looked like! Read more »

Ashley and Jared

At midnight last night, I realized how much he means to me. Read more »

Justin and Millie

It was like we had known each other for years. We felt so comfortable with each other and everything about the relationship was perfect. Read more »

Bryan and Callie

When I got out of the truck, Callie got out of a car with herself and five of her lady friends. Callie introduced be to her five friends and she did by the wrong name (whoops). Read more »

Ellen and Russ

Never did I expect an online gimmick to become the beginning of a whole new life. It all started with a single text, and now I have a future wife I love very much. Dreams do come true, and OkCupid can help...DON'T GIVE UP!!! Read more »

Justina and Ben

We fell in love instantly and hard. Read more »

Savanna and Aris

We hung out at the mall one day because we both needed to get some stuff, and soon after we were basically inseparable. Read more »

Jackie and Lloyd

It was the best date I have EVER been on. At the end of the date as we were saying goodbyes, he kissed me this amazing kiss and I KNEW I finally found "The One"! Read more »

Lauren and Jim

Within a week we went on a real date out to dinner and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. He is my true love! Read more »

Heather and Kevin

Now, six months later, we are still together, playing, living, raising our families, perfecting the napoletana pizza, and making a cross-Sound relationship work. Read more »

Denise and Rich

I realized as most people do who have lost a loved one, that life is too short to worry about the small things and that sometimes, you really need to listen to your heart. I listened to mine. Read more »

Ron and Amanda

We met and spoke occasionally but didn't quite get it together. Eventually she got married, divorced, and we reconnected. Now we've been married happily for three years, and I'm never looking back! Read more »