Nadya and Said

I was living in Cyprus and Said was in Lebanon. It took us 2 months to meet in person, but we chatted every night on Skype. It was never boring then, and is never boring now. Read more »

Anais and Ness

I never thought I would say this, and actually believe it, but if such a thing as "soul mates" exists, then I have found my missing puzzle piece. I couldn't imagine a future without him, and although there hasn't been a proposal, I couldn't imagine anyone else at the end of the aisle, except for him. There's nothing about him that I don't love, and he's just perfect in every sense of the word. Read more »

Fredd and Dylan

From our very first conversation, I knew Dylan and I had a special connection. Since then, Dylan and I have weathered environmental disasters and the loss of a parent for both of us, and have come out the other side as better people and more deeply in love. Read more »

Alex and Julie

Seven months later, I can't believe how lucky I am to be with Julie. She's everything that I could ever want in a girlfriend. We laugh at each others lame puns, have all kinds of nerd-tastic conversations, and sing incredibly terrible duets in the car. When one of us is down, the other is always there to pick them back up. I love her more than anything and look forward to having her to light up my life for a long time. Read more »

Aga and Lisa

OkCupid was the last site I decided to give a try after visiting so many others without any results. We want to thank you so much for creating a place where love happens!!! We will never forget OkCupid and are indebted for life! Read more »

Dave and Tarra

From the start Tarra and I "clicked". Her fun personality and upbeat attitude was definitely attractive to me. We are the classic "opposites attract" in regards to personalities. Now after a couple years, we have grown as a couple and still get excited to come home to each other. Read more »

Kendra and Joe

How nobody swooped Joe off his feet before me, I'll never know, but I'll always be grateful :) We've been married about 2 weeks now, and the last few months have just been this whirlwind of sparks! Read more »

Dorthy and Mark

In 2006, my son-in-law and daughter signed me up on your site. I refused to go on it, so they went on as me and found Mark. He was interested and kept on e-mailing me. The kids told me to get on and chat with him, he seemed like the right guy for me. Well, I did. Read more »

Pax and Adele

We're now engaged! We just bought a house together (which is a real wreck) and we are remodeling it. We're both super excited! We're going to raise chickens and bees and goats and have a huge garden. Read more »

Betsy and Toby

On my way to meet her, I saw a wooden sign carved with the words "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." I thought: Wow. I get it. This is it. The second I saw her down the street I had to stop walking because I knew this was it. I was totally hers. Read more »

Andrea and Michael

Every day we battle with distance, language, expensive trips... but it is all worth it. I never thought I could be this happy. I am so glad we didn’t hear everyone who thought we were crazy for doing this and took the risk. Good luck to you all!! Read more »

Mandy and Jeff

He stole my profile. The first paragraph of his self summary was exactly what I had written under "What I'm Doing With My Life." Obviously we had something in common, and the 80% match made it all the more worthwhile to explore. Read more »

Jeffrey and Courtney

Dinner went so well that we decided to go see a Broadway show where we kissed for the first time. Since then, we have seen each other almost every day. We are madly in love and we know we will be together forever! Thank you OKCupid! Read more »

Grant and Danna

Our first date was on Halloween of 2009. We had dinner, dessert, and talked for hours. Our chemistry was instantaneous. Less than a month later, we became exclusive. Read more »

Tegan and Sarah

The first time I talked to Tegan I was completely drawn in. I mean come on... Tegan and Sarah? Doesn't that make us like lesbian royalty or something? Read more »