Erin and Mathew

Our love is proof that it is not where you live, but who you live with that makes all of the difference. Read more »

DaRcy and Joe

After almost a year of being together, we live in bliss with NOT a single argument! Read more »

Linda and Brian

Monthly visits to Dublin followed and on April 1st 2011, he went down on bended knee in a quiet corner of St. Stephen's Green Park and put a ring on my finger. Read more »

Tobin and Jennifer

Jen and I have a very happy relationship and we are currently trying to have a child. Read more »

Stacey and Jaya

Our interests, values, and personalities complimented each other, and our families got along perfectly. Read more »

Jessica and Joseph

We instantly knew we wanted to spend the rest of our days together (as cliche as that sounds). Read more »

Gloriane and Bill

I knew immediately he was "the one". I had never, ever in my life felt that way about a man. Read more »

Brendan and Erin

We met on our first outing at a Build-A-Bear workshop with our kids as a play date. We only did this to get a feel before we actually went on a date. From the moment we separated, we seemed to keep on texting and calling each other. Our next date was planned and we have been in complete and utter bliss since that day. Read more »

Vanessa and Josh

My flight was for December 20th, just a couple of days later, but while I was on the phone packing my things the night before, he blurted out those three little words, that he said he couldn't hold in any longer. Read more »

Jessica and Carter

By the time we met, we knew exactly what we wanted, and because we had talked online first, we knew we had a lot in common and were a good match (at least on paper). Read more »

Monica and Jeffrey

I moved to Ohio with my 4 cats all the way from Peru. Jeff is my soulmate, my half orange. It would have never happened if we didn't meet here. True story! Read more »

Keri and Chris

On April 26th Chris proposed to me in church. It's been amazing! Read more »

Aga and Lisa

OkCupid was the last site I decided to give a try after visiting so many others without any results. We want to thank you so much for creating a place where love happens!!! We will never forget OkCupid and are indebted for life! Read more »

Dave and Tarra

From the start Tarra and I "clicked". Her fun personality and upbeat attitude was definitely attractive to me. We are the classic "opposites attract" in regards to personalities. Now after a couple years, we have grown as a couple and still get excited to come home to each other. Read more »

Kendra and Joe

How nobody swooped Joe off his feet before me, I'll never know, but I'll always be grateful :) We've been married about 2 weeks now, and the last few months have just been this whirlwind of sparks! Read more »