Krys and Ray

We met on here. On our first date we went to a bar and listened to some music, then went and played pool, and played i never. I kicked his butt! We had a blast, and we spent every day after that together. Read more »

Dana and Paul

The first date went smashingly--lasting 23 hours! :) Read more »

Rocky and Brittany

After talking for a few weeks, and almost deleting our profiles on the same day, myself and Brittany finally met and instantly fell in love. Read more »

Melissa and Sean

Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant by my ex and my ex didn't want me to have the baby. I had to tell Sean... Read more »

Victoria and Sean

Walking down the road back to the car, Sean carrying a useless old record player and a ladybug carcass covered army jacket, I knew I had found my one. Read more »

Tiffany and James

Just before finding out we were expecting, the love of my life proposed to me. The relationship began with the most well-written and witty message, then my favorite ice cream. Read more »

Lauren and Scott

I love it. I love him. I love that I get to marry this dork. He says we're just awesome just because. He always knows just what to say, sometimes. We're happy. We're lovely. We're in love. February 5th we will be married and then after that hopefully drunk on a beach somewhere. Thank you OkCupid for helping these two jerks find love! Read more »

Ashley and Jacob

The moment I saw him it was like nothing else. I never had that "OMG, this is it" feeling in my life until him. I actually ran over to him & hugged him like a long lost friend & that's not even my character. My heart was beating so fast & I had this silly smile stuck on my face. Come to find the same thing was going on for him. We both remember thinking "Uh oh..." in our heads. Read more »

Jessica and Donald

We are now expecting Jess's second child and Donny's first, and we have plans to get married! Read more »

Javan and Johnnie

I met with Johnnie shortly after we met online and it was love at first sight. Needless to say we are very happy together and we just welcomed a new addition to our extended family. Her name is Alyse. Read more »

Rachael and Chris

Chris was living in Los Angeles, and I was in Brisbane, Australia. We struck up a friendship in June of 2003 courtesy of OkCupid but we were both involved with other people closer to home, so the nature of the communication was platonic and without agenda. Read more »

Christy and John

My friend got me to join OkCupid to take quizzes with her while we were in college in 2004, and I started checking out profiles of local folks for fun. I messaged a few people back and forth and met a few (that I'm still friends with today!), so when John messaged me I wasn't opposed to the whole "meeting people online" thing anymore. Read more »

Tiffany and James

After ignoring many repetitious OkCupid messages, I received a long and fantastically-written message that was very personalized and full of intelligence, charm, and humor. It wasn't long before we agreed to meet and he arrived with my favorite kind of ice cream in hand. Read more »

Amber and Kevin

I will never forget how nervous I was. He was sitting in his Jetta with a grey beanie thing that just made him look so cute. I kept telling myself, be calm, don't freak him out. Read more »

Stevi and Brian

When it time time to read the results, I was too nervous to look. I thrust the test at him, but was still in shock when he said "It says you're pregnant." Read more »