Sleepyweasel and Eruvande

A Romantic Wedding in Hawaii!

Sleepyweasel and eruvande both found themselves looking online for love after realizing that the standard non-virtual world bars, clubs, and work simply didn't suit them. Eruvande stumbled across sleepyweasel's picture in an email from OkCupid and thought "My, he's handsome!".

She read his profile, was charmed by his sense of humor, and decided to woo him; he quickly and enthusiastically replied. About a week later, eruvande and sleepyweasel met at a restaurant and spent eight hours together that night, talking and nursing milkshakes in a twenty-four hour diner...

A year and half later, sleepyweasel swept eruvande away to Hawaii for a romantic vacation. He proposed on the Big Island. Six days later, sleepyweasel and eruvande promised to love, trust, and honor each other on the beautiful island of Kauai under a big bright sun with palm trees gently clapping in the background.

We've been married for three months now, and things couldn't be better. Our life together is wonderful - comfortable, exciting, sexy, and fun. We think the rest of our lives will be just as awesome as the last three months have been.

Thank you, okcupid. You really are simply the best dating site. :)

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