Meghan and Tom

Thanks for your great service!

I initially reached out to Tom because I could tell from his profile that he was educated and had a good sense of humor (not to mention being tall and handsome). We began chatting via IM and had an immediate connection. We went back and forth quoting Adam Sandler movies for hours. After a few days, we decided to meet.

For our first date, he took me to dinner and then bowling. It was a nice change to be actually doing something together on a date instead of just sitting in a restaurant or bar the entire time. After bowling, we came back to my house and talked for a couple hours. After he left, I knew he would be my boyfriend. He is truly the nicest man I have ever dated, and I am completely smitten! Although it hasn't been that long yet, we both know there is a future together. In fact, we just returned from a 4 day trip to San Francisco together. I had planned the trip months ago and decided to bring him along. Best vacation ever!

Thank you for your great service!!

Meghan (& Tom)

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