Jane and Robert

One More Time

Both Robert and I had decided that this would be our last try to find a match. We both had had too many painful relationships in the past so trusting someone was hard. On the day that I saw Robert's picture running across the top of my home page I was looking for a way to delete my profile. As soon as I saw him I got the tiny little butterflies in my stomach. I thought, Wow! He is handsome! I immediately went to his profile and read his story which just made him all the more handsome. I wrote him a message and that's when the real flirting began. It wasn't long before we were talking on the phone for 3 hours every night. We were never at a loss for words. We did a lot of talking about growing up, finding we had so many things in common. Our first date was on September 4th. Robert was early. I was in the shower. He brought flowers, I forgave him. I moved in with Robert on October 2nd. Everyone told us we were moving too fast but we didn't think so and we still don't. Robert and I are having a wonderful time sharing our lives together. We laugh and we love and we never have to worry about being alone again.
Thanks OkCupid, because of you I found my best friend, my confidant, my lover and my soul mate!
Jane and Robert aka,
thecalmityjane and 4mytwoboyz

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