Pax and Adele

Green-Eyed Aries Stole My Heart

I knew I was in for trouble from the second I saw Adele's profile: Green eyes AND an Aries. I messaged her, and after a couple of days of no response, I figured she wasn't interested—but actually, she was just out of town.

We started messaging back and forth about songs and poetry, and after a week or so, I asked to meet her in person. I was blown away by how beautiful, articulate and energetic she was! I couldn't wait to see her again.

We met up for the second time just after Halloween, and things went super fast
from there on out. I even ended up flying (from home in Salt Lake City) to spend Christmas with her and her family in Pennsylvania!

We moved in together in May the following year (2010), and we're now engaged! We just bought a house together (which is a real wreck) and we are remodeling it. We're both super excited! We're going to raise chickens and bees and goats and have a huge garden.

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