Michael and MaryBeth

I Never Imagined...

When I started talking to MaryBeth in August 2007, I NEVER imagined that in March 2008 I'd be married and in November 2008 have a beautiful baby girl. Here is our story:

I sent MaryBeth a message in July 2007 but didn't hear back from her until early August. When she responded I had moved and was just starting a new career. We talked online and on the phone and used OkCupid's quiz compare feature to discuss questions we had disagreed on.

Three weeks later, instead of going home to see my parents, I met her in person, getting the last seat on the flight. I was nervous but I felt that I had REALLY gotten to know her over the last 3 weeks of talking. Talking online and on the phone without being able to see or go out with the person really forces you to discuss things and hold a real conversation which sets a strong foundation to build on. After a very short but amazing two days, I had to go back to training and was unable to see MaryBeth again for a whole month.

Then, in November 2007 I took her on our first trip. We drove a few hours to the mountains and stayed at a little bed and breakfast in Tennessee where I proposed to her. We started planning our wedding for August and I worked with my company to find a way to move closer.

My company came through and in March moved my base to Atlanta. MaryBeth and I discussed our options and decided we were tired of waiting to get married. In March of 2008 (yes, just seven months after first talking!) we were married. Since we had already booked a honeymoon for August we took a small trip to the beach to enjoy our first weekend married.

A few weeks after the wedding we learned that our marriage had been bless by god and in nine months we would be parents! In November 2008, our daughter Paige was born. In June 2009 we bought our first house. We are so very happy.

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