Chris and Amber

I won her on the Internet!

Back in March of this year, after I was soundly rejected by e-Harmony's introductory questionnaire, a friend told me about OkC. I created my profile and began answering questions, taking test, and having an overall good time. A few weeks in I realized that the matches in my area were a disappointingly accurate representation of the people I already knew. Just for the hell of it, I expanded my search radius to about 100 miles. There at the top of my results was Amber.

Her profile fit every nerdy male 20-something's girlfriend fantasy. She was beautiful, well-read, and could kick your ass in just about any first person shooter on the Playstation 3. She also had the most amazing, incredibly sexy eyes. Oh, and she lived 90 miles away.

I probably stalked her profile a bit more than I should have over the next day or so and, as she tells it, my stalking was just creepy enough to make her want to read my profile. Shortly thereafter we began to correspond online daily. We met roughly two weeks later, and after nearly getting into a bar fight on our first date, here we are today living together just outside of Baltimore.

I joined OkCupid expecting very little, and I ended up leaving with quite a bit. Whenever people ask how Amber and I met, I just tell them I won her on the Internet.

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