Kendra and Joe

Prince Charming!

How nobody swooped Joe off his feet before me, I'll never know, but I'll always be grateful :) We've been married about 2 weeks now, and the last few months have just been this whirlwind of sparks!

When Joe and I decided to meet, it was at a mall. We were to meet in front of a movie theater on the second story. I was standing up top and somehow managed to pick Joe out of a crowd of about 70 people below and something just told me "THAT is a good man". I didn't realize it was Joe at first, as I'd only seen a few pictures before now, but up the stairs walks this handsome, lovely person who proceeds to stand right around the spot we agreed to meet, he picks up his phone, dials a number....and all of a sudden my phone starts ringing!

From that afternoon on, we've been inseparable to the point that even in the early hours of the morning when both of us should be sleeping, one would ask the other to some 24 hour diner for coffee and the other was always more than happy to oblige. The first "I love you" was spoken in days, and we talked about marriage within a WEEK of meeting. (The wedding was supposed to be 10 months after we met, but we got impatient and eloped over the Christmas/New Years holiday!)

It's funny how things change. When I first saw Joe's profile and "winked" at him. I didn't have high hopes and was looking for little more than a friend. Who would have thought that on that warm summer day, my very own Prince Charming would be walking up the stairs to sweep me off my feet?

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