Amanda and John

Same Dorm!

John and I started chatting through OkCupid's messaging system and quickly realized we had a lot in common. Somehow, even though we went to the same university, we had lived in the same dorm on the same floor, our majors were housed in the same building on the same floor, and we were involved in a lot of the same activities, we had never met.

We quickly started talking to each other at every possible opportunity, then, just ten days after making initial contact on OkCupid, we decided to go on our first date. We met in the gazebo on Main Street in his hometown on November 21, 2007. Everything just clicked for us. I met his family, he met mine, we started talking about a future together. I even had a dream where he proposed.

On April 15, 2008, he and I went for a walk around his hometown. We stopped in the gazebo, where John got down on one knee, pulled out the exact ring from my dream, and asked me to marry him.

We returned to the gazebo on November 21, 2008 for our wedding day. Unfortunately, there was a major blizzard! We ended up getting married in the bar across the street. It's okay, though--any location is perfect as long as we're together.

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