Jen and Steven

We Balance Each Other Out

I've been on this site for like a gazillion years. Okay, since 2004. It all started when i was bored at my shitty job at the time and wanted some entertainment. What's more entertaining than answering stupid questions ABOUT YOURSELF (everyone's fave topic)?

To my surprise, I actually started meeting people from OKC and pursuing friendships and relationships with them. After a looooooooooong 1.5 years of nothing really fruitful coming about, I met Steven.

Steven and I met online on the first day or two he joined the site. I saw his picture (which i liked, rawrrrrrrrr!), and saw that he was local and started IMing him. Turns out he was on his lunch break at work! We spent practically every single day for a few days talking on IM until finally he asked me if I wanted to go get some sushi later on that week.

We met at Haiku Sushi in College Station and ate and talked for about 4 hours. We only ended that first date because I had a fellowship deadline at 5 (by then it was 4:45). I didn't even give him my phone number at this point. I just gave him a hug, told him i had to run and left!

We continued to talk online and set up another date, then another date, and finally a fourth date. Up to this point he had been way too shy and respectful to even make a move on me (despite the obvious physical cues i was giving him). On date four we went to his friend's metal show and at the end of the night, we finally kissed and that sealed the deal.

He's a cool cat, no joke. We've been together for almost 10 months now and believe it or not, we haven't fought. We really balance each other out... he's much more grounded and level-headed than I am and he knows when to pick his battles in any aspect of his life. But he's also as goofy and silly as I am and he doesn't snub me when I go off on my rants or when I'm boycotting something (both of which happen frequently).

He's my lovehog <3 and none of the past assholes I've ever dated have come to even remotely treating me in any way close to the way Steven treats me.

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