Chris and Austin

Dinner and a Movie

We were both feeling the sting of prior relationships. I learned of this site from my Human Sexuality class at Mount Hood Community College. Desperate enough to try anything, I decided to give it a try. He ended up being one of my quiver matches. I gave his profile a bit of a look-over and saw that we both liked psychology, video games and anime. We were able to communicate to each other through walls of text and seemed to have so much in common, we even admitted to each other that online dating wasn't really our cup of tea.

A few days later, I ended up getting a text. It was Austin... he had found me on Facebook and gotten my cell phone number on there. Sure, it creeped me out a bit at first, but it also showed me that this guy was pretty interested in me. We talked for hours, until my cell phone battery started to die down. We made plans to go out on a date on the 26th of December, I believe -- the classic "movie and dinner" date. I remember that day so well, I was so nervous that I didn't see where I was walking and stumbled into a frozen puddle, getting my entire foot wet.

I got him a gift box of chocolates, since he mentioned that he loves chocolate. We agreed that if I paid for the movie, he'd pay for dinner. We saw Valkyrie (I know, not exactly a "date movie") and found it pretty good, despite its predictable ending. We then went to Olive Garden and we both ordered the Tour of Italy. We talked of school, careers and friends. I never found this guy uninteresting at all. He then drove me home, pulled up to my driveway and asked for a goodnight kiss. I didn't know how to react, so I gave my first reaction and scooted on over to give him a kiss.

The next day, he invited me to a Christmas party at his friends' place that was happening the day after. I was pretty excited to meet his friends and was very excited to get closer to him. The next day came and he came to my place, I introduced him to my parents as my very good friend (mind you, I wasn't out to them just yet...). We went to my room and after a minute or two of making out, I asked him if he'd be my boyfriend (so shoot me, I was nervous and excited all at the same time). Miraculously, he said yes.

Since then, we've had many ups and downs, but we've become a stronger couple in the end. And here we are about to come up on our 1 year anniversary on the 28th of December. So, thank you, OkCupid for the chance to meet my loving boyfriend!

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