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Relationship Request Accepted

I saw her on my (then-called) Stalkers list and thought she was hot. I figure that people only stalk and not message for one of two reasons: 1] they think they're too good for you, or 2] they think you're too good for them. Hoping she didn't get in touch with me because of option two, I tried my luck and messaged her.

Weeks later, she finally responded.

Our OKCupid relationship went pretty quickly. We exchanged a few messages and IMed a few times, and then I took a chance and asked her if she wanted to hang out. She actually canceled on me for our first date, and if I wasn't already totally fed up with dating, I was totally over it then. I told her I'd give her another chance -- and thank goodness I did!

On our first date, we went to a Tex-Mex place downtown that I adore, and she told me when we walked in that she actually doesn't like Mexican food, but that she agreed to go just because she wanted to hang out with me. HA. So we ate our chips and salsa and our conversation never saw a lull. Not to mention, she was totally cute.

We hung out something like three more times that week (went to a spoken word event, took a walk downtown), and she kept trying to have these hardcore talks with me -- "How do you define love? Where is this going?" -- and I loved how she challenged me to speak my mind. She really pushed me out of my comfort level, and it had been a while since someone had that effect on me. We kept talking about how she had some issues that she had to take care of, and that once she figured it out, she could send me a relationship request on Facebook. It was a little joke of ours until...

On May 15, I woke up to -- yep, you guessed it -- a relationship request from her! To be honest, I had just had a talk with my best friend the night before where I said I wasn't so sure I wanted a relationship right now. But when I saw the request, I figured I should jump. After all, sometimes the scariest thing is the right thing.

And now it's seven months later, I'm home in New England for Christmas, and I'm anxiously awaiting her arrival on Monday to meet my parents. Thank you, OKCupid.

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