Lydia and Johan

Literary Love

I'm a bit of an old hand at online dating. I met both of my exes through the internet and when I was single again, the internet was the first place that I started looking for love again. But after a year and a half and several bad dates, I was wondering if this was going to work out for me after all. And then Johan messaged me.

His first message was straight-forward enough: he told me a little bit about himself and suggested going for a cup of coffee sometime. It was his profile that really sparked my interest. More specifically: his favourite writers. I have a degree in Literary Studies, and after two boyfriends who barely read, I was yearning for someone who could share my passion for the written word.

After mailing back and forth for three weeks, we finally met for a cup of tea (I don't actually drink coffee), and immediately proceeded to completely lose track of time. It took us two more dates to clinch the deal: while cuddling on the couch on the third date, I suggested it was time to change our OkCupid statuses. Thankfully, he agreed, and we've been going strong ever since.

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