Miss Hopeful Romantic and Mister Optimistic

"Thanks, OkCupid, for making us so happy."

This past February, my fianc� and I met on OkCupid. We had both separately considered taking a break from online dating but we left our accounts up after all because we still had hope despite the frustrations of dating. I contacted Matt and we soon met offline for a first date. I had already been in Austin for nearly three years when we met, so I do not think we would have crossed paths had it not been for OkCupid. I was on other dating sites, too, but Matt was not. OkCupid was free and accessible and so here we were. The rest is history in the making!

Two weeks ago, Matt and I went to Garner State Park to go camping. On our hike to Old Baldy Peak, Matt had the engagement ring stowed in our hiking bag, after hoarding it for a month and keeping me in the dark! Since I was the one to suggest a camping trip, I didn't suspect a thing. Ironically, we could not go sooner because I (not Matt) had improv shows every weekend in October. So he could make sure he was situated on a rock below me to properly go down on one knee, Matt asked me to pose at the peak. This inspired me to take more photos, which I did moments before our engagement. Matt proposed to me atop all those rocks, with a rock of his own. You're apparently supposed to bring one to leave at the peak after visiting it, so although it wasn't left we can safely say that Matt brought a rock to the top... Of course, I said YES! It all happened so fast it actually made me speechless. Back at our campsite, Matt bought me an ice cream drumstick and we played Scrabble and cards. I sure am enjoying life as his fiancee already! He was insistent on bringing wine and wanted to know what my favorite meal was. Still, I didn't suspect anything because he's always sweet...So our post-engagement dinner?? Macaroni and Cheese, olive bread, wine, hot cocoa, and chocolate truffles.

Thanks, OkCupid, for making us so happy. We are planning our wedding now!

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