Jenny and Krissie

Much Love

I stumbled onto Krissie's profile here. It stood out because her dating status was a weird one I hadn't seen before, and have yet to see since.

We both had meetings in the morning, but ended up on instant messenger to each other until the early hours of the morning, chatting about nothing and everything.

Appointments and commitments done for the day, we started talking online again, and started seriously talking about meeting, and arranged the meet the day after. Much chatting online continued, and we realised we actually flew in very similar circles, and it was just by chance we'd not bumped into each other online prior to OkCupid showing us each others profiles.

The day of the date rolled around, we met at Swansea railway station, and I knew I was in trouble... She gave me a plushy tiger, and a big hug on meeting.. We wandered around, down to the beachfront, and just chatted about so many things, then we got ice cream from a little shop, and sat next to each other, nervously eating our ice creams, both of us cautious.

Then Krissie leaned over and kissed me, and we both knew we where in real trouble.

We spent over twelve hours together, on a very very long date, eating chips by the pier, shopping, and just talking, drinking coffee together.

We're now engaged, and have other partners in our engagement..., though this page doesn't allow for multiple partners to be listed (boo, hsss)

Without OKCupid we'd not be all together now...

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