Brent and Kira

Long Distance Love

What makes our story unique? Probably the same thing that makes many connection stories unique: the back story.

I was a week or two away from graduating with my BA at Fordham University, preparing for my first year of teaching in the fall. She was at the tail end of her full year stay in Japan, studying abroad, and getting ready to transfer to a new university in the fall. From the moment I messaged (and winked her), she and I started to share a connection, one built on friendship and friendly flirtation. From the start, Kira had a legitimate concern about thinking of dating someone who would live 2 hours away when she returned from Japan. (I live in NYC, she was moving back to Catskill.)

However, we kept talking and chatting on and off until she returned from Japan on July 4th. Almost a week later, she told me she was going to go on a date with another guy on OkCupid. I'll admit: in my guy-mindset, I thought this was my only shot to "sweep" Kira off her feet and see where this would go. I asked her if we can meet up on the 12th in Poughkeepsie (meeting halfway) to hang out the entire day (it was a Sunday). She said yes almost immediately and we talked about how excited we were.

The rest, as they could say, was history. We had a fabulous time exploring her area of New York, which resulted in a McDonald's lunch, losing to Kira 4 out of 5 times in air hockey, and sharing our first kiss (and many more) at Dutchman's Landing. We've been going on past five months, and despite the distance, we have made the most of it, capitalizing on our weekend visits and our mutual school breaks to spend as much time as we can.

She tells me at least once a month about her experience seeing the NYC fireworks on her flight back on July 4th. Unbeknown to me at the time, when I watched those same fireworks illegally on a hill on a construction site, we shared a similar experience that I believe connected us from the moment she got to the United States. That connection hasn't faded and has only grown stronger and deeper. Kira hasn't flipped my life around. She has just enhanced my life more than I could have ever anticipated. I am sure she can say the same back to me. I love you, Kira.

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