Melissa and Jim

Cupid's Arrows

"Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrows fly straight to my lover's heart and mine..."

That's exactly what OkCupid did for me and my straight-from-heaven and OkCupid husband! Nothing unique about the way it started out. An introduction email Dec 26, 08, a few exchanges and an introduction date at Starbucks Jan 01, 09. The unique thing on my part is that this was the FIRST date I ever had from OkCupid... or any internet dating site. Turns out it's the ONLY one I've ever needed. We hit it off on the first meeting... and it just keeps getting better. Cupid's arrows turned into wedding bells December 12th. The funny thing is that my girl-friends all laughed when I told them I got on OkCupid... "Oh no!" and "Never heard of it", they said. "You've got to get on or eharmony." Ha!

OKCupid's quizzes matched us up beautifully... I think we actually started out with 86% match, but right after the first date Jim started re-taking the tests to see if he could increase our match percentage. (It went down, then up, then down, then who cares!!!) There is no two ways about it... it's an awesome match.

Thanks again, are THE BEST!!!

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