Quix and Jessica

We've now been together for 3 years and couldn't be happier.

At the point in my life where I met my future wife, I was recovering from a really bad breakup about 6 months earlier and I'd made a conscious decision to not get serious with anyone (why is it that whenever one makes this decision one always ends up in long term relationships??). I'd been using OkCupid for awhile, and enjoyed the site and its interface and quizzes. I'd met a couple people and I'd had some moderate success. But for now, I was just going to focus on me and enjoy being single.

Enter Jessica.

I was surfing around on OkCupid, checking out various people, just killing time. I read her profile and looked at her pictures and found her very interesting, but there was one big problem. She reminded me very strongly of my ex. Similar interests, and both were blue-eyed and had long blond hair. Usually all selling points for me, but at the time I was trying to distance myself. So, for a lark, I decided to shoot her a message telling her exactly that. I thought I'd tell her that she seemed very cool and interesting, but that she me reminded me too much of my ex for me to date her!

I hit the send button and suddenly I noticed *I* had e-mail, too. I check and it's from the EXACT PERSON I'D JUST SENT E-MAIL to. I opened it, my panic rising as I read her message telling me that she recognized me. We'd actually met once before at a mutual friend's birthday party! I had zero recollection of this, but suddenly I realized that I'd sent an offputting joke e-mail to a very real person... a person with whom I am (if only loosely) acquainted! In a rush, I composed a second e-mail apologizing for the first. Fortunately, she was very understanding and, having met my ex on a couple occasions before, understood the comparison.

We began to chat on IM, e-mail, blogs, and eventually made our way to phones. When we met in person, we instantly had a connection. At the time, I was living in DC, and she was living in her hometown a couple hours away. She was applying to go to school in DC, and when she was accepted, she realized she needed to find a place to live closer to DC. At this point we were so infatuated with each other, I was happy to offer my place. Probably not the wisest course of action, but as luck would have it, everything went wonderfully.

We dated for a year, then I asked her to marry me. A year later, we had our wedding! We've now been together for 3 years and couldn't be happier. And it was all thanks to OkCupid. I'm always happy to recommend it to people who are looking for that special someone.

Thanks OkCupid!

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