JR and Jenn

Her Love Saved Me!

I joined OKCupid in August of 2005, at the end of a terrible relationship that nearly cost me my life. I wasn't expecting much. I've been on dating sites before, but I've never had any success. I just felt like it was something I could do to feel like I was moving on from that awful chapter of my life - I had no idea that single act would end up saving it.

I met Jenn a week shy of 3 years later. I "stalked" her profile, and felt completely unworthy of even attempting to woo such an amazing woman. We had so much in common, and she was absolutely gorgeous. I knew immediately she was way out of my league, sighed heavily, and logged out.

The next day, she made the first move.

For the next 4 months, we talked almost daily. It was more friendly at first. She talked to me about other guys, which I did not like at all, but I enjoyed having her in my life so much that I decided I could put up with it if that was the price I had to pay for her presence.

In January, she made the first move yet again, inviting me to come see her in Richmond. I drove up the following weekend, and we immediately knew we had something special. We fell in love that night, and I began spending as many weekends with her as possible.

Two years later, she's in grad school in Kansas, and we're still very much in love. We've had a couple of rough patches, but no relationship is ever perfect. We've gotten through everything together, and it's only served to strengthen our love, intensify our bond, and show us both that we belong together.

Without OKCupid, I would never have met this woman who I will someday marry, who lived just an hour away, who loves me so purely and unreservedly. She's saved my life from mediocrity and apathy. She's given me a future, and I can't wait to spend my days repaying her by doing anything and everything I can to make her happy and fulfill her dreams.

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