Kat and Alex

Across The Pond

I was getting ready to visit a friend in the UK and decided to look for people in the UK to hang out with. I looked at Alex's profile. He looked at mine and said "Why can't someone as cool as you live here?" I joked that that was the plan, as the elections were coming up and if another Republican won i would have to get myself a sham marriage. We started joking and flirting. he even offered to be my sham husband!

When i told my friend i was thinking of visiting Alex while i was there he made a big deal of it and told me I could stay with Alex if I wanted. As I didn't actually KNOW Alex i wasn't overly keen. I asked him if he wanted come visit me in the US, so we could figure out what we thought of each other. He agreed, and we were married 2 months and 10 days after we started talking. We've been happily married for over a year now!

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