Alice and Kevin

World Travelers!

We met on OkC almost a year ago, and have been in relationship since. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met- sincere, honest, respects a girl the way a guy should, and has a great heart.

We have been to different parts of the world - France, UK, Italy and Germany. We are going to visit Hong Kong in March and it is going to be as wonderful as our last trip. I thank you OkC for finding me my true love and the perfect guy!!

OkC has given me a chance to meet different kinds of people - some are sincerely good people (who I keep contact with and have become friends with), some are only after one thing (who I stay away and obviously not wanting to keep in touch with). Anyhow, I think everyone deserves what he/she is looking for at the end and I wish everybody good luck. Hope to hear more great success stories!!!

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