Michael and Jennifer

Thanks Again!

Jennifer and I met on this site when she first contacted me on here back on August 16th. We've texted each other every night and had 6 wonderful fun filled dates together too. She is really so special and I would love to share how our first date went together...

As we walked into the Chinese restaurant, there was a huge, beautiful fish tank just as you walk inside. These guys had just opened up, so we were the only 2 here. We sat down at a booth table as the waitress let us know we could sit anywhere we wanted. I tapped my head twice to make sure this was reality and not just a fairytale that I was in and sure enough, all this was reality.

I was loving every minute of it already. After we placed our orders, we had fun talking together and I got out the blue envelope that had some goodies for Jen from me, straight from my heart just like she gave me her video game goodies from me to her straight from her heart.

My goodies were little fun keepsakes for our first date and brand new adventure together here in New Jersey. Jen's been here many times before but this was the first new adventure for me. She was so beautiful, her smile was amazing and she has the most beautiful brown eyes and wow!!!! 6 feet tall!!! She's very beautiful both inside and out.

Jen also had fun showing me some of her jewelry she made as part of that Nintendo theme. She made little princess jewerly, little ghost monsters and Pacman and nintendo characters too. :-)

She is truly awesome and just so amazing. :) After having lunch there, we agreed to split the bill after opening up our fortune cookies. My fortune said the following:

You make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world.

We left the Chinese restaurant holding hands. Our light & fun friendship just turned into pure romance. The chemistry was amazing! She loves video games, Phillies baseball, Eagles football, and she thought I was the sweetest guy she's ever met. :) Awwwwwwww.

Thanks again OkCupid for bringing Jennifer into my life!

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