Lilalou and Jonee

He was not a serial killer - yay! :)

Once upon a time, I was a beta tester, and met this guy (who i later found out had Asperger's) and he was the worst boyfriend ever. I lost faith.

but i returned! This time, I found a totally awesome guy who did NOT have Asperger's (or any other intersocial disorders).

but he was halfway across the country :-(

and so we decided to Mexico!

and we met at the airport in Cancun...

and he was not a serial killer (yay!)

and THEN we spent the next 10 days wandering around Central America, and fell madly in love with each other.

and now we do disgustingly adorable things like have webcam dates,, visit each other on long weekends, sing "wouldn't it be nice" and hatch plans for the future.

(the picture is in the airport at end of our trip)

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