Kimberley and Jacob

A new story

When Jacob and I met online, I could already tell he was someone who I would love to at least get to know. Our first encounters online were intriguing and fun. As I recall, he and I stayed up until three A.M. chatting online. That's when I knew this was really someone I wanted to meet.

A few days later, we met in person at a McDonald's to just talk. I had just gotten out of my class, went onto my laptop and happen to see him online. I suggested we get together and meet and he agreed. From the instant we started talking, it felt like we had known each other for years. We decided then to set a date to have lunch a few days later. Our first date was at a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant that he and I had both previously been to and enjoyed. He was such a gentleman to me! After that date, we went on another and then another and then another until I was spending more time at his house than my own.

And now, nearly a month after meeting online, we are the couple everyone envies. Without OkCupid, we would have never met like this. Jacob is the light in my life as I am the light in his. And, I for one can say, the future looks bright!

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