Andrew and Heather

This changed my life.

Well, we first met on here like most other people do. I was honestly skeptical at first because even eHarmony failed at finding me a woman that could honestly connect with me. This, on the other hand, changed my life.

Our first date was a bit of a weird and awkward one. I'm in the military, so I walked a whopping 5.2 miles to the mall down in San Antonio Texas. Yes, bad idea. We walked around the mall a few times and got a burger for me due to the long walk. Soon after, we had another date at the same mall and decided we would be a couple. She still says to this day, I'm crazy for walking all that way to see her.

I proposed over a webcam to get us started down our love-filled road, and re-proposed when she came to vist me at my base in Washington state. We are now happily engaged and working on getting married in December. Thank you, OkCupid, you've made a couple of young adults some of the happiest people alive.

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