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Soul Mates

I had to message five people as a part of the process here on OkCupid, and he was one of those five, and I am so happy that I did. His profile was the most interesting to read, and the cutest. We struck up a conversation, and kept it going off of OkCupid through IM. I didn't think much more than a good friendship would come from it, since I had given up on the dating scene for the time being. But a month later, we just needed to meet each other. He came back from a family trip to Puerto Rico on December 21st, 2010, and that same day he got his hair cut, bought new shoes, and came straight to see me.

He was so nervous, he was twitchy and couldn't control the volume of his voice, and I just thought it was so endearing. We hung out at Starbucks til the wee hours of the morning, freezing and eating gummy worms. But it wasn't until our second date that I was convinced: this was the guy for me. Our third date was on Christmas Day, and our first kiss was shortly after midnight. If anyone ever told you, "There were fireworks when we kissed!", would you believe them?

Yeah, me neither, lol.

But there were fireworks, and there still are. Almost a year in, and we're inseparable, madly in love, and very happy. Our families and our friends have approved and loves us together, 110%, since the beginning, which is a rarity! How often does EVERYONE agree on something like this?

I never thought I would say this, and actually believe it, but if such a thing as "soul mates" exists, then I have found my missing puzzle piece. I couldn't imagine a future without him, and although there hasn't been a proposal, I couldn't imagine anyone else at the end of the aisle, except for him. There's nothing about him that I don't love, and he's just perfect in every sense of the word.

I didn't think I could actually find Mr. Right on a dating site, but I did. =]

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