Jessica and Carter

The Perfect Partner

Carter and I had both been talking with people on OkCupid for some time and had even gone on quite a few dates. By the time we met, we knew exactly what we wanted, and because we had talked online first, we knew we had a lot in common and were a good match (at least on paper). We actually didn't hit it off immediately on the first date, but we hung in there and kept the conversation going. By the end of the night, we realized there was something there.
We got engaged yesterday, and I'm incredibly happy. While it's only been 4 months of us dating, I know the fact that we met online (where we were upfront about who we were and what we wanted) has a lot to do with how we already know we're right for each other. I've found the perfect partner to spend my life with, and I'm so glad I never gave up on meeting the right person.

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