Vanessa and Josh

You Truly Know

Josh and I met on December 13th, 2011 on this website. He is in the army, stationed in Kansas, and I'm in California. Our messages on OkCupid were very short, and we didn't exchange very many. He had messaged me first, and after having read his profile, I couldn't wait to talk to him more, so I had asked him if he had gtalk, and we exchanged names and talked on there. I usually wait a while before exchanging ANY private information with anyone, but something about him was different, and it was that he was my soul mate. The next few days we talked every free minute we had, through either text messaging, facebook, or phone calls. I know it's crazy, but somehow we both knew we were right for each other. By December 17th, only four days of knowing each other, we decided to make it exclusive, even though we hadn't met at this point. Later that night, he was begging me to come out to see him for Christmas and spend the holidays with him and his family. I didn't want to simply because I couldn't afford to, but he insisted on it and offered to pay for it, and after convincing me and telling me how seeing me was more important than a material thing (cash), well, I agreed to come see him. My flight was for December 20th, just a couple of days later, but while I was on the phone packing my things the night before, he blurted out those three little words, that he said he couldn't hold in any longer. I couldn't say anything, I was in shock, all I could do was smile, with a tear rolling down my face, and then I blurted, "babe, no! I was wanting to tell you in person!" He apologized, and then after a slight silence, I blurted, "Dang it, babe, I love you, too!"

The flight to Kansas felt to drag on for eternity, though once I landed, my heart couldn't stop beating. I was so scared. I got off the plane, and when I came out into the lobby where he was, our eyes locked, we smiled, and I literally ran to him and dropped my purse at his feet, and jumped on him. It was like what you'd see in the movies. We embraced for a long time, both of our bodies shaking because we were both so nervous, and we didn't want to let each other go. Finally, we started walking towards baggage claim, where we clasped our hands together and had our eyes locked on each other the entire time. Our first kiss wasn't until we got back to his car, and it was the best, most passionate kiss I've ever had.

We spend the best week ever together. I met his family, and I absolutely adore them. His family is the first family that I have actually been able to be myself with and not had to change little things to fit in with them. We are not perfect, but we are perfect for each other.

Fate has it that he ended up being sent to Ft. Riley in California, which is only an hour from where I live, and we got to see each other a few times.

We have only known each other three short months, but in that time, I have shared more love with him and grown to love him more than in any other relationship I've been in, and he feels the same way.

We are getting married in seven days. Seven. Days. I never thought that I would be the girl to meet someone online and on impulse travel across the country and meet them a week later. I never thought I would date a guy in the military, let alone marry one. I never thought that I would marry someone that I had only known three months. I guess when you find the right person, you really, truly know they are THE one, the ONLY one.

I live to make him happy, and he lives to make me happy. I'm blessed to have met him, and we want to thank OkCupid for helping us meet, so THANK YOU!!!

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