Brendan and Erin

More Than Just Love

My fiancee and I both got out of pretty bad marriages and had pretty much given up on the dating scene. I had tried a few other sites for dating with no success. A roommate told me about OkCupid and I said I would think about it.

One night, I was bored and decided to sign up. Pretty soon, I started getting dates and was surprised at how much I had in common with the people I was meeting. The questions that helped rank our compatibility were real compared to the other sites. It allowed us to meet with the same needs and wants.

We met on our first outing at a Build-A-Bear workshop with our kids as a play date. We only did this to get a feel before we actually went on a date. From the moment we separated, we seemed to keep on texting and calling each other. Our next date was planned and we have been in complete and utter bliss since that day.

Since then, we have moved in together and have planned our wedding. In August, we will be getting married and really beginning our lives. I not only am getting a wife out of OkCupid, but I am also getting a daughter, a new life, and a new beginning. Thank you.

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